Series in "The Belt and Road" International Railway Talents Education: Tunnel Engineering

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Basic concepts of tunnel engineering
1.2 Types and functions of tunnels
1.3 Development of tunnel engineering
Chapter 2 Tunnel Engineering Survey and Design
2.1 Investigation of tunnel engineering
2.2 Location selection of tunnel
2.3 Selection of tunnel portal location
2.4 Design of tunnel line
Chapter 3 The Main Structure of Tunnel
3.1 Tunnel limit and clearance
3.2 Design of tunnel lining section
3.3 Tunnel support structure
3.4 Tunnel portal structure
3.5 Open—cut tunnel structure
Chapter4 Tunnel Affiliated Building
4.1 Affiliated building for railway tunnels
4.2 Affiliated building for highway tunnels
4.3 Waterproof and drainage of Tunnels
Chapter 5 SurroUnding Rock Classification and Surrounding Rock Pressure
5.1 Concepts and engineering properties of surrounding rock in tunnel
5.2 Stability of surrounding rock
5.3 Surrounding rock classification
5.4 Surrounding rock pressure
Chapter 6 Tunnel Lining Structure Calculation
6.1 Mechanical characteristics and calculation model of tunnel strucnlre svstem
6.2 Structural mechanics method
6.3 Rock mechanics method
6.4 Tunnel seismic calculation
Chapter 7 Tunnel Construction Method
7.1 Overview
7.2 The basic concept of mining method
7.3 Tunnel portal construction
7.4 Tunnel auxiliary construction measures
7.5 Tunnel construction in special geological areas
7.6 Collapse treatment when tunnel construction
Chapter 8 Basic Operations of Mining Method
8.1 Drilling and Blasting
8.2 muck loading and transporting
8.3 Tunnel support technology
8.4 Waterproof and drainage technology of lining
Chapter 9 Tunnel Construaion Auxiliary Operations
9.1 Auxiliary heading for tunnel construction
9.2 Construction ventilation and dust prevention
9.3 Supply of compressed air
9.4 Water supply and waterproof for construction
9.5 Power supply and lighting
Chapter 10 New Austrian Tunneling Method and ADECO-RS
10.1 The basic concepts of the New Austrian Tunneling Method
10.2 Interaction between surrounding rock and supporting structure during tunnel construction
10.3 Monitoring of New Austrian Tunneling Method
10.4 Introduction to analysis of controlled deformations in rock and soils
Chapter 11 Tunnel ConstruCtion with a Tunnel Boring Machine
11.1 0verview
11.2 The type and structure of full—face tunnel boring machine
1 1.3 Tunnel Construction with tunnel boring machine
11.4 Support types associated with tunnel construction with TBM
Chapter 12 Tunnel Engineering dor HIgh-apeed Railway
12.1 Survey on the development of high—speed railway tunnels in China and abroad
12.2 Clearance and internal contours of high—speed railway tunnels
12.3 Aerodynamic issues in high—speed railway tunnels
12.4 Engineering measures for reducing aerodynamic effects in a tunnel
12.5 Disaster prevention and rescue in a high speed railway tunnel
Chapter 13 Organization and Management a Tunniel Construaion
13.1 Construction preparation
13.2 Construction organization design
13.3 Construction site layout
13.4 Construction schedule
13.5 Introduction of risk management in the tunnel construction
Chapter 14 Tunnel Opreration Management and Maintenances
14.1 Management technology in tunnel operation
14.2 Testing technology for operating tunnels
14.3 Evaluation technology of operating tunnels
14.4 Maintenance technology for operating tunnels
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Series in "The Belt and Road" International Railway Talents Education: Tunnel Engineering