The Communist Party of China: Its Organizations and Their Functions

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Table of Contents
1 Organizational Building and Structure of the Party 
Organizational building of the Party 
Organizational structure of the Party 
2 Functio of the Party Organizatio and Their Operatio 
The Party‘s leade hip system and working mechanism 
Functio of Party organizatio at various levels 
Internal operatio of Party organizatio at all levels 
3 Fundamental Organizational Principle and I titutio of the Party 
Democratic centralism: fundamental organizational principle for the Party 
Operation of democratic centralism in the Party’s internal life 
Adhere to and improve democratic centralism 
Strengthen the Party‘s solidarity and unity 
4 The System of Party Congresses 
Basic facts about Party congresses 
Improve the system of Party congresses 
5 The Electoral System 
Principles for intra-Party electio 
Forms of intra-Party electio 
Procedures for intra-Party electio 
6 The Cadre System 
Building of the Party’s ranks of cadres 
The Party‘s selection of cadres 
Reform of the work of selecting and appointing cadres 
7 The System of Intra-Party Life 
Regular cell meetings for Party membe 
Party cadres’ meetings for criticism and self-criticism 
Dual meetings for leading Party cadres 
8 Organizational Building of the Party from a New Starting Point 
Place power, Party affai , and Party membe under i titutional safeguards 
Build high-caliber ranks of cadres 
Reform and improve the Party‘s leade hip system and working mechanism 
Strengthen the building of primary Party organizatio and the ranks of Party membe 
Develop intra-Party democracy and enhance intra-Party supervision
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Sample pages of The Communist Party of China: Its Organizations and Their Functions (ISBN:9787508523378) 

Sample pages of The Communist Party of China: Its Organizations and Their Functions (ISBN:9787508523378) 

The Constitution of the Communist Party of China stipulates: TheCommunist Party of China is the vanguard of both the Chinese working class,the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. It is the core of leadership for thecause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and represents the developmenttrend of China's advanced productive forces, the orientation of China'sadvanced culture and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majorityof the Chinese people. The realization of communism is the highest ideal andultimate goal of the Party. 
According to the provisions of the Constitution of the People's Republicof China and the Party Constitution, the Communist Party of China is thegoverning party, and the fellow democratic political parties participate inthe governance of the country under a system of multi-party cooperationand political consultation. The functions and operating mechanism ofits organizations are designed to meet the requirements of its roles. TheConstitution of the Party says: Leadership by the Party means mainlypolitical, ideological and organizational leadership. The Party must meet therequirements of reform, opening up and the socialist modernization drive andstrengthen and improve its leadership. Acting on the principle that the Partycommands the overall situation and coordinates the efforts of all quarters, theParty must play the role as the core of leadership among all other organizationsat the corresponding levels. It must concentrate on leading economicdevelopment, organize and coordinate all forces in a concerted effort to focuson economic development. The Party must practice democratic and scientificdecision-making; formulate and implement the correct line, principles andpolicies; do its organizational, publicity and educational work well and makesure that all Party members play an exemplary and vanguard role. The Partymust conduct its activities within the framework of the Constitution and laws.
The Communist Party of China: Its Organizations and Their Functions