The PLA Navy

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Table of Contents

The Arduous Birth from War Flames
Naval Command Born in A Small Village
"No.1 Announcement"
Trial with Fire
Chapter 2
Fierce Battles in Southeast Coastal Areas
Break Through the Blockade: Naval Campaign near
East Zhejiang Province
The August Sixth Sea Battle
Chapter 3
Safeguarding the Sovereignty over South China Sea
Air Battles in The Sky above Hainan Island
Battle of the Paracel Islands
Chapter 4
From Yellow to Blue Waters
"An Expo of Various Outdated Vessels"
The Development of the People's Navy
Sailing to the Oceans
Chapter 5
Establishment of the PLAN
Headquaters of The PLAN
The PLAN's Three Fleets
Five Branches of the PLAN
Chapter 6
Main Weaponry and Equipment of the PLAN
Naval Vessels
Naval Aircrafts
Marine Corps Weapons
Weapons of The Coastal Defense Unit
Chapter 7
Performing Multiple Military Tasks
International Humanitarian Rescue
Disaster Relief in China
Guarteeing National Defense Scientific Research
Chapter 8
The Course of Friendship
Chinese Warships Visiting Other Countries
Port Calls by Foreign Navies
Joint Military Exercises
The Chinese Naval Cadets Week International
A Naval Carnival in Qingdao

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Sample pages of The PLA Navy (ISBN:9787508522258)
Sample pages of The PLA Navy (ISBN:9787508522258)

According to Wang Xiangyi's memoir,"then my comrades did military exercises repeatedly in the air.We even hung the model airplanes on the iron wires in front of our beds.We thought carefully about the whole process…"
On March 24th 1965,the U.S.unmanned air reconnaissance aircraft appeared in the air.Wang Xiangyi took off and made a single sortie.It was time to test this new fighting method.
He discovered the target aircraft when there was 30 kilometers between the two.He corrected the course while climbing.When he was 3,800 meters away from the U.S.aircraft,he immediately pulled himself up.When there was 411 meters between him and the rival,he pressed the release knob and fired two guns at once.The left wing of the U.S.aircraft was shot and smoke rose.
Wang Xiangyi followed hard upon the U.S.aircraft and fired again. This time the latter fell into the sea in straight line.
The Sharp Knife Squad won the first battle.
On March 31st,another U.S.aircraft appeared in the sky.Shu Jicheng received orders and first made a single sortie to intercept them.Wang Xiangyi took off later and stood by at a certain height.Shu ]icheng discovered the U.S.aircraft 30 kilometers away from him.He soon zoomed at the limiting altitude to make a close contact with it under the ground guidance.To hit the target,Shu Jicheng did not press the release knob to fire until there was 110 meters between him and the U.S.aircraft.The latter was shot down and plummeted to the north of Sanya,Hainan Province.
On August 21st,a U.S.drone first made a feigned flight towards the north of Vietnam.Then it suddenly turned to the right and flew to Hainan Island.

The PLA Navy