The Chinese People's Liberation Amy

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What kind of an army is the PLA?What stage of development are the various branches of the Chinese armed forces in?What a level of development does military weapons and equipment have reached?These questions have spurred a lively discussion of great concern to the international community and some overseas media。For this reason,Wang wei、 Xu dingxin believe that writing a vivid and accurate series of the Chinese army,for both domestic and foreign readers,would be very perinent。This book is one of these in the first series of books on the Chinese Army。

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
The Long March:a Soul—Stirring Epic
A Single Spark
A Tough Choice
Battle of the Xiang River
Mao’S Proud Moments
Breaking the Siege
Challenges from the Snow Mountains and Grassland
The Last Stand

Chapter 2
The Guerilla Warfare:a Symphony of Wisdom and
Reorganized for National Crisis
Adopting Past Skills
The Booming of Guerilla Warfare
The NFA Fighting in Southeast China
Cruel Battles in Noah China
The Arduous Days
Foreign Friends during the Anti—Japanese War

Chapter 3
The Wander of Chinese Civil War
Forced Striking Back
Smashing KMT’S Focused—offersive
A Thrust of Strategic Counter—offensive
The Decisive Strategic Campaigns

Chapter 4
Building a Regular and Modem Army
The Inspiration from the Korean War
Large—scaled Armament Shifts
Military Schools are Preeminent
PLA’S“New Deal”
Training Tide Initiated by a Junior Officer
Breakthroughs in Cutting Edge Technology of Defense

Chapter 5
Disarmament and Transformation of the PLA
Grand Disarmament
The Race for Mechanization
The Challenge from Information Warfare
Leaping Development of Armaments
The Road tO Integrated Logistic

Chapter 6
Establishment of the PLA Field Army
The Armored Force(Tank Force)
Army Air Defe!nse Force
Army Aviation
Communication Unit
Special Operation Force

Chapter 7
Main Armaments of the PLA
The Equipment of Armored Force
Artillery Equipment
Equipment of the Air Defense Force
Equipment of the Army Aviation

Chapter 8
Forever Tradion-To Serve the People
Fish in Waters
Supporting Economic Construction
Take on Rescue and Relief Work

Chapter 9
A Force for the Peace
Participating in U.N.Peacekeeping Operations
Provide International Humanitarian Aid
Cultural and Sports’Exchanges
Chinese SOF in International Contests
Joint Exercises and Training with Foreign Armies
An Army of The People and for The People

The Chinese People's Liberation Amy