China's High-Speed Rail: A New Model for Technology Innovation

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The development road of China's high-speed rail (HSR) is essentially the road of scientific and technological innovation.
  China's HSR, epitomizing the most significant achievements in high technology, has impressed the world with its innovative development: ranking first in operating route length, operating network accessibility, operating speed in commercial service,and quantity of high-speed trains. China's HSR has set a benchmark for the world's HSR in commercial operation and a precedent for intelligent HSR worldwide. It has witnessed tremendous advances by combining original innovation with secondary innovation based on foreign technologies, blazing a trail for scientific and technological innovation with Chinese characteristics.
  For people who are curious about the mysteries behind the stories of China's HSR, this book will take you on a journey to explore the marvels of scientific and technological innovation and achievements made with Chinese wisdom, The book offers readers a popular perspective on HSR with professional interpretation, lively language, and beautiful pictures.You will have an insight into China's HSR progress,which embodies the wisdom, will, mindset, and spirit of the Chinese people.

About the Author
Wang Xiong is a member of the Chinese Writers' Association, chairman of the Chinese Railway Writers' Association, and adjunct professor at Southwest University and Suzhou University of Science and Technology. He started his literary career in 1989 and is a prolific writer of novels, essays, academic papers, and non-fiction works. Many of his works have been published in journals such as People's Literature, Chinese Writers, Youth Literature, Selected Stories, and Selected Novelettes. His representative books include the Hanshui culture trilogy of Yin/Yang Monument, The Time-honored Patina, and The Jingui Silver Chamber, China Speed:China's High-Speed Rail, China Railway Express: Great Arteries of the Silk Road,China's High-Speed Rail: Changing the Face of China, and The Beauty of Writing in A Dream of Red Mansions. Some of his bookshave been co-published by the Foreign Languages Press and overseas presses in foreign languages, including English, French, German,Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Romanian,and Polish.
Table of Contents

Horse-drawn Carriages, Horsepower, and High Speed Trains

Chapter 1 The World on Wheels
Speed Determines Human Survival
The Glory of the Steam Age
High-Speed Railway of Today

Chapter 2 China's High-Speed Railway
China Railway High-Speed (CRH) Series EMU
A New Generation of High-Speed EMU
Fuxing EMU's Going Global

Chapter 3 Three Key Parts of High-Speed Railway
Powerful High-Speed Railway Chip
Intelligent "Brain" of High-Speed Railway
Robust "Bogies"

Chapter 4 Amazing High-Speed Railway Lines
Preciseness of High-Speed Railway
Bridges Connecting the Whole Country
Passing Through a fime Tunnel
Chapter 5 Intelligent High-Speed Railway
Intelligent High-Speed Railway Network
Source of Electricity
Powerful Intelligent High-Speed Railway

Chapter 6 Evolution of Railway Stations
New Landmarks
Architectural Aesthetics
Texture of High-Tech Railway Stations

Chapter 7 Behind the 12306 China Railway Website
Transformation from Paper Tickets to E-Tickets
World's Largest Customer Service Network
Fight Against Ticket Grabbing Software
Tapping into Big Data

Chapter 8 Beauty of "Green Trains"
Eco-Friendly Industry
Building of "Ecological Galleries"
Lightweight and Eco-Friendly High-Speed Railway
High-Speed Railways for the Future
Unlocking the "Secrets" of China's High-Speed Railway
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of China's High-Speed Rail: A New Model for Technology Innovation (ISBN:9787119130484)
Sample pages of China's High-Speed Rail: A New Model for Technology Innovation (ISBN:9787119130484)
Sample pages of China's High-Speed Rail: A New Model for Technology Innovation (ISBN:9787119130484)
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China's High-Speed Rail: A New Model for Technology Innovation