New Perspectives on Chinese Economic History

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Table of Contents

Part I.Journal articles and book chapters

Changes in Climate, Land, and Human Efforts: The Production of Wet-f.iled Rice in Jiangnan During the Ming and Qing Dynasties3

Was There a "Thirteenth-and-Fourteenth-Century Turning-Point"? Population, Land, Technology, and Farm Management.44

Farm Labor Productivity in Jiangnan, 1620-1850.98

Rural Economy in Jiangnan During the Late Imperial Times..125

Wages in Huating-Lou Counties in the 1820s.142

Involution and Chinese Cotton Textile Production: Songjiang in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries.181

An Early Modern Economy in China: A Study of the GDP of the Huating-Lou Area, 1823-1829 .190

Before the Great Divergence? Comparing the Yangzi Delta and the Netherlands at the Beginning of the Nineteenth Century .206

The "Daoguang Depression" and the "Guiwei Great Flood": Economic Decline and Climatic Cataclysm in Early Nineteenth-Century Songjiang in a New Perspective.245

The Early Modern Economy of the Yangzi Delta in a New Perspective..273

An Examination of Traditional Research Methods in Economic History—"Choosing the Ref.ined", "Collecting the Essential" and "the Agricultural Revolution in the Yangzi Delta During the Song Dynasty".296

Economic History in China—Tradition, Divergence and Potential..307

Water and the History of China.334

The Termination of the Silk Road: A Study of the History of the Silk Road in a New Perspective347

Book Review: Ni, Yuping. Customs Duties in the Qing Dynasty, ca. 1644-1911. Leiden: Brill, 2016..365

Author's Preface: Preface to An Early Modern Economy in China: The Yangzi Delta in the 1820s370

Part II.Conference and lecture papers

The Development of Agriculture and Industry in Jiangnan, 1644-1850: Trends and Prospects..377

Traditional Peasant Culture: The Root of China's Economic Miracle.408

The Formation of China's National Market, 1550-1840419

Internationalization and Indigenization: The Principal Axis Along which Social and Economic Historiography Has Evolved in China During the Past Two Decades..495

The Farm Economy of Songjiang in the Early Nineteenth Century.500

Involution or Not Involution: The Farm Economy of Songjiang and the Theory of Involution in Chinese Studies..544

Climate, Market, Economy and the Nineteenth-Century Crisis..570

"The countrymen are well fed" —A Study of Food Consumption in Early-Nineteenth Century Songjiang..580

Creating a Modern Army: The Late Ming Military Reform under the Shadow of FInancial Crisis..587

Why Does the Theory of the Great Divergence Matter?—Taking the Case of the Study of the Economic History of the Yangzi Delta..599

Notes of Papers..621

New Perspectives on Chinese Economic History