China's High-Speed Rail: A Story of Speed and Development

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Table of Contents
Introduction: Drawing Speed from Opening-up
Chapter Ⅰ Does China Need High-Speed Railways?
The Call for a Beijing-Shanghai Passage
Wheel-Rail vs. Maglev
Practice Speaks Loudest
Chapter Ⅱ Ushering in the "Era of Wind"
Prologue for High-Speed Railways in China
Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway: A Beautiful Debut
A Long-Anticipated Debut
Chapter Ⅲ Chinese Model of High-Speed Railway Development
High-Speed Rail Technology and the Chinese Market
The Demise of Domestic Multiple Unit (MU)
Market and Technology
"Fuxing": Running up to the Future
Chapter Ⅳ High-Speed Railway Diplomacy
High-Speed Railway and the World
The Dream of High-Speed Rail in the "Global Village"
Former Railway Kingdom
High-Speed Entanglement between China and Japan
Chapter Ⅴ Return to Common Sense
Full-Scale Speed Adjustment
Speed Reduction and Fare of High-Speed Trains
Investment and Debt for High-Speed Rail
Chapter Ⅵ High-Speed Rail Operations
HSR Operation Organization
High-Tech Safety Guarantee
Huge HSR Passenger Flow
Epilogue: Speed Has Changed China
Author's Epilogue: My Life with Trains
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China's High-Speed Rail: A Story of Speed and Development