China's High-Speed Rail: Changing the Face of China

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As the high-speed rail keeps unfolding, the distance between people and between cities is shrinking.On the vast land of China, a fast, unimpeded and efficient high-speed rail network is being woven to make China a more closely interconnected land.High-speed rail transportation has many advantages:it's safe, comfortable, fast and as punctuate as the Greenwich Mean Time clock. Like never before it is changing people's mindset, horizon and taste of aesthetics, changing the Clunese people's understanding of speed, distance and efficiency,changing the temporal and geographical distance in Chinese society, and changing the way of travel and life of the people……

Take a high-speed train across the country, and you can see that high-speed rail is already deeply embedded in all aspects of China's economy and society, and directly changing economic activities,export markets and logistics means. High-speed rail has changed China's economic landscape, built an integrated transportation network, and ferried streams of passengers along many tourist routes.The quality and quantity of high-speed rail lines constructed mark a new height of "Made in China".High-speed rail connects China with the world, and "China standards" are becoming "world standards".The speed and wisdom of China have changed the world's view of the country. Even foreign media are exclaiming: "High-speed rail has indeed changed China ! "

This is without doubt the proof of the strength of Cluna, and of China's high-speed rail industry.
Table of Contents

Poetry & Dreamland: The Power of China's High-Speed Rail
Chapter 1 Shortened Distance
1 Train Color and Speed
2 Nostalgia Was a Train Ticket
3 The Development of the HSR Travel Circle
4 Smart Trip-a Better Choice
Chapter 2 New Landscape of HSR Economy
1 Starlit "City Clusters"
2 "Economic Belt and Urban Scenery
3 The Rise of New Cities Catalyzed by HSR
Chapter 3 A Beautiful New Life
1 New Ideas, New Visions and New Life
2 Life Based on HSR & Big Data
3 A Happy Tale of Two Cities
4 Impulsive Travel

Chapter 4 The Most Beautiful Scenery on the Way
1 The Most Beautiful Scenery Along HSR
2 The New Lifestyle of "HSR+Tourism"
3 Joyful HSR Tourism

Chapter 5 The 3D Picture of "Integrated Traffic"
1 The Fission of The Traditional Traffic Pattern
2 Life-or-Death Battle
3 Visions & Practice of Transport System
Chapter 6 Bringing "Made in China"to New Heights
1 Top-Grade Tracks, Stations and Trains
2 World-Stunning Equipment Manufacturing Capability
3 HSR Powering "Made in China"

Chapter 7 Connecting China with the World
1 From "Ctunese Standards" to "Global Standards"
2 Great Prospects of "HSR Diplomacy"
3 World Transport Needs a "Chinese Plan"
The Progress of Irains
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Sample pages of China's High-Speed Rail: Changing the Face of China (ISBN:9787119133379)
Sample pages of China's High-Speed Rail: Changing the Face of China (ISBN:9787119133379)
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China's High-Speed Rail: Changing the Face of China