Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 4 Register Studies

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Author: J.R. Martin;
Page: 427
Publication Date: 04/2012
ISBN: 9787313077875
Publisher: Shanghai Jiaotong University Press
Series: Collected Works of J. R. Martin
Table of Contents
The Author’sIntroduction
The Development of Register(1983)
Language,Register and Genre(1984,revised 2008)
The Discourse of Geography:Ordering and Explaining the Experiential
World(with PWignell&SEggins)(1989)
Literacy in Science:Learning to Handle Text as Technology(1990)
Writing Science:The Model(1993)
Technology,Bureaucracy and Schooling:Discursive Resources and Control(1993)
Life as a Noun:Arresting the Universe in Science and Humanities(1993)
The Discourse of History:Distancing the Recoverable Past(with SEggins&PWignell)(1993)
Making History:Grammar for Interpretation(2003)
Construing Knowledge:A Functional Linguistic Perspective(2007)
Genre and Field:Social Processes and Knowledge Structures in Systemic
Functional Semiotics(2007)
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Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 4 Register Studies