Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 3 Genre Studies

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Martin Collection is Martin Collected Works Volume 3, a collection of 13 papers on the theory of genre since the 20th century from the 1980s to 2008. In addition, the end of the volume added to an article by Roth write on genre. Most of Martins language class thinking is from primary and secondary teaching practice. Martin anthology also includes content such as: meaning construction of the story genre, the social context in the discourse of language classes and language domain, the narrative genre, context model construction, under the perspective of system functions as a language class context etc.
Table of Contents
The Author's Introduction
Types of Writing in Infants and Primary School (1984)
Lexical Cohesion, Field and Genre: Parcelling Experience and Discourse Goals (1984)
Making New Meanings: Literary and Linguistic Perspectives on the Function of Genre in Textual Practice (with Anne Cranny-FranciS)(1993)
Macro-genres: The Ecology of the Page(1994)
Writings/Readings: How to Know a Genre (with Anne Cranny- Francis) (1995)
Construing Experience: Some Story Genres (with G. Plum)(1997)
Genres and Registers of Discourse (with Suzanne Eggins) (1997)
Register and Genre: Modelling Social Context in Functional Linguistics -- Narrative Genres (1997)
Modelling Context: A Crooked Path of Progress in Contextual Linguistics (1999)
A Context for Genre: Modelling Social Processes in Functional Linguistics (2001)
From Little Things Big Things Grow: Ecogenesis in School Geography (2002)
A Universe of Meaning -- How Many Practices? (2002) 
Negotiating Values: Narrative and Exposition (2008)
Supplementary. Reading: Genre in the Sydney School(David Rose 2012) 
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Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 3 Genre Studies