Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010

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1, "Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010" is a comprehensive picture of national economic and social development of Tianjin's major information tool, founded in 1984, published each year, forming series. This book with its wealth of detailed statistical information about a community of Tianjin, Tianjin understanding of the most authoritative information tool.
Second, "Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010" book is bilingual, and synchronization with electronic CD-ROM.
Third, written materials contained within the book "2009 Tianjin Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin", "buck the trend and, on the Difficulties - 2009 to achieve sustained and rapid economic development of Tianjin", "2009 Tianjin community Development Report, "" Second Tianjin Economic Census main information bulletin (I, II, III). " For ease of use, the book's table of contents index indicating the book structure. In the book, after each explanation with statistical indicators.
4, "Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010" statistical information is mainly drawn from various professional and Statistics Annual Report (in Tianjin, a second economic census data for 2009 and part of the professional history of the annual data have been adjusted), a small sample survey data and from professional sector statistics.
5, "Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010" by the units of measurement used are internationally standard measurement units; Industry standards are the national standard GB/T4754-2002; terms of per capita indicators, beginning in 2005 with the resident population, 2005 before using household population; starting in 2006, urban-rural division of the standard implementation of the National Unification [2006] 60 files of the new requirements.
6, "Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010" in some of the information of the total number and relative number of trade-offs due to rounding differences resulting calculation error, were not made mechanical adjustments.
7, "Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010" Notations used in the table: "space" indicates that no data on statistical indicators, lack of information or the minimal number of units is not readily available; "#" indicates the major items.
8, due to different years of the professions concerned with the census survey, inventory results are connected, and changes in national statistical systems and the relevant departments in charge of statistics to adjust other factors, some indicators in the history of the Yearbook annual information subject to change. Readers in the use of historical information, all previous year's Yearbook and the Yearbook of the data discrepancies, and are subject to the yearbook.
9, "Statistical Yearbook of Tianjin," openly published since has been the concern and support domestic and international readers, the contents of the Yearbook and the editor made many valuable suggestions, which we are grateful. Limited to our standard, the book will inevitably be inadequate, please continue to give readers criticism and help us further improve the yearbook editor, yearbook editor to improve the standard of services to better serve readers.
Table of Contents
First comprehensive
1-1 administrative system (by the end of 2009)
1-2 land area (2009)
Meteorological data for each month, 1-3 (2009)
1-4 The District meteorological data (2009)
1-5 corporate and industrial activities (unit by the end of 2009) (by Types of Registration)
1-6 corporate activities (unit by the end of 2009) (by industry sector)
Year 1-7 primary key index and the growth rate of the national economy
1-8 Indicators on National Economic and Social Development (2006-2009)
1-9 ratio of national economic and social development and efficiency indicators (2006-2009)
1-10 per day socio-economic activities (2006-2009)
1-11 Main Indicators of per capita national level (2006-2009)
1-12 Tianjin's status in the country
Main Statistical Indicators
Second national accounts
2-1 the city's GDP (1978-2009 years)
2-2 constitute the city's GDP (1978-2009 years)
2-3 the city's gross domestic product index (1978-2009 years)
2-4 the city's gross domestic product index (1979-2009 years)
2-5, the city's gross domestic product by industry (2007-2009)
2-6, the city's GDP by industry sub-index (2007-2009)
The contribution rate of 2-7 three industries (1995-2009 years)
2-8 three industries in the city driving GDP growth (1995-2009 years)
2-9 ad hoc structure of the city's GDP (1978-2009 years)
GDP by expenditure approach the city 2-10 (1978-2009 years)
2-11 Final Consumption Expenditure and Composition (1978-2009 years)
2-12 final consumption expenditures index (1979-2009 years)
2-13 Final Consumption Expenditure
2-14 Gross Capital Formation and the index (1978-2009 years)
2-15 final consumption expenditure and gross capital formation in the city's contribution to the GDP growth rate and pull (1978-2009 years)
2-16 consumer level (1978-2009 years)
Main Statistical Indicators
Title III of population and employment
3-1 key indicators of population (1995-2009 years)
3-2 Household composition of the population and household size (1995-2009 years)
3-3 Tianjin five basic conditions of the national census
3-4 The number of households by region, population and population density
3-5 by the nature of the household account the number of households
3-6 by the nature of the household account population
3-7, by sex of the household population
3-8 family planning (2006-2009)
3-9 population, marital status (2006-2009)
3-10 age group the various features of registered population (2009)
3-11 Resident population data (2007-2009)
3-12 resident population by region (2007-2009)
3-13 by age 6 years and older population in the various level of education (2009)
3-14 by age 15 years of age and marital status of the above population (2009)
3-15 families, by region, household size (2009)
3-16, by region, over 65 years of age and elderly population of family households (2009)
3-17 community practitioners (1995-2009 years)
3-18 of urban employment (1995-2009 years)
3-19 all kinds of employment by Sector (2009)
3-20 employees and the community composition
3-21 of urban employment and constitute
3-22 Staff and Workers in Urban Units and composition
3-23 other employees in urban units, and constitute
3-24 Changes in urban employment (2009)
3-25 municipal part of the Council (head) end of the number of employees of state-owned units
3-26 municipal part of the Council (head office) the average number of employees of state-owned units
3-27 cases of registered unemployed persons (2006-2009)
3-28 employment and re-employment in the city (2006-2009)
3-29 vocational skills training and employment services cases (2006-2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
Title IV, and real estate investment in fixed assets
4-1 years of investment in fixed assets mainly
4-2 by Rural & Urban fixed asset investment and new fixed assets (1995-2009 years)
4-3 by Sector investment in fixed assets
4-4 urban fixed asset investment and new fixed assets
4-5 urban fixed asset investment by industry
4-6 by manufacturing the main industry sub-urban fixed asset investment
4-7 new urban fixed assets by industry
4-8 by manufacturing major industry in Urban Fixed Assets
Industrial fixed assets investment in urban energy 4-9
4-10 of urban infrastructure investment in fixed assets
4-11 whole area of social housing construction and completion
Urban fixed asset investment funding 4-12
4-13 urban fixed asset investment by industry sources of funding (2009)
4-14 urban fixed asset investment by industry the number of construction projects
4-15 urban fixed asset investment by industry number of projects put into operation
4-16 of urban local investment in fixed assets
4-17 of urban real estate investment, construction (1995-2009 years)
4-18 Investment in Urban Real Estate Development
4-19 urban real estate development and construction
4-20 Real estate sales, brokerage services and property management
4-21 Investment in Fixed Assets in Rural Area
4-22 investment in fixed assets in rural households
List of key construction projects 4-23 (2009)
4-24 major new capacity-building project (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
The Fifth Article of foreign trade and tourism
Foreign trade import and export volume 5-1 (1995-2009 years)
5-2 Tianjin port trade volume (1995-2009 years)
5-3 Use of Foreign Capital (1995-2009 years)
5-4 RMB exchange rate (annual average) (1981-2009 year)
5-5 foreign trade import and export volume (2009)
5-6 foreign trade by country, region import and export volume (2009)
5-7 import and export commodity inspection of Tianjin Port (2006-2009)
5-8 city businesses and organizations set up outside the situation
5-9 direct foreign investment contract situation (2007-2009)
5-10 the actual use of foreign capital (2007-2009)
5-11 borrow foreign funds
5-12 of foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan invested enterprises Investment (2009)
5-13 of foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested Enterprises, (2009)
5-13 of foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan-invested Enterprises, (2009) Continued
5-14 reception tourist arrivals and resident days (2006-2009)
5-15 receiving inbound tourism foreign exchange earnings (2006-2009)
5-16 List of sister cities of Tianjin and abroad to form
5-17 Foreign Economic Cooperation (2006-2009)
5-18 by Country (Region) sub-contracted projects, labor cooperation (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
Part VI of energy production and consumption
6-1 Total energy production and composition (1995-2009 years)
Energy consumption of the terminal 6-2 (1995-2009 years)
6-3 Overall Energy Balance Sheet (standard quantity)
6-4 Basic energy consumption (1995-2009 years)
6-5 Electricity Balance Sheet (2006-2009)
6-6 elasticity of energy consumption (1995-2009 years)
6-7 Average daily energy consumption (2006-2009)
6-8 Energy Consumption (2006-2009)
6-9 per capita energy consumption (1995-2009 years)
6-10 Terminal industrial primary energy consumption (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
Title VII of the Financial
7-1 the city's revenue and expenditure (1994-2009 years)
7-2 local general budget revenue (1994-2009 years)
7-3 city revenue
7-4 the city's financial expenditure
7-5 District county general budget revenue (2009)
7-6 District county general budget expenditures (2009)
7-7 Tianjin State Administration of Taxation of the tax revenue (2006-2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
Price index for the eighth chapter
8-1 city price index (1978-2009 years)
8-2 Urban Consumer Price Indices (2006-2009)
8-3 Urban Retail Price Index by Category (2006-2009)
8-4 producer price index (2006-2009)
8-5 Index of Industrial Products by Sector (2006-2009)
8-6 major industrial raw materials, fuel and power purchase price index (2006-2009)
8-7 investment in fixed assets price index (2006-2009)
8-8 Real Estate Price Index (2006-2009)
8-9 residents purchasing power of money index (1991-2009 years)
Main Statistical Indicators
The people of the ninth chapter of life
9-1 material and cultural living standard of urban and rural residents to improve the situation (2006-2009)
9-2 Payment of Employed Persons in Urban Units Total (1995-2009 years)
9-3 of urban employment remuneration per capita (1995-2009 years)
9-4 Total Employed Persons in Urban Units
9-5 remuneration per capita of urban employment
9-6 Total Wages of Staff and Workers
9-7 Average Wage of Staff and Workers
9-8 the total remuneration of other employees
9-9 per capita remuneration of other employees
9-10 municipal part of the Council (head office) employees of state-owned units in total labor compensation
9-11 municipal part of the Council (head office) per capita of state-owned unit of employees remuneration
Development of social security 9-12 (2006-2009)
9-13 per capita income and expenditure and the increase in urban households (1995-2009 years)
9-14 Basic Conditions of urban family life (1995-2009 years)
City residents with different income levels 9-15 Basic Situation of Families (2009) (based on the average disposable income per person per year group)
9-16 of urban residents per capita household income and expenditure, and composition (2006-2009)
9-17 Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Urban Households and composition (2006-2009)
9-18 Per Capita Consumption Expenditure of Urban Households Classification (2009)
9-19 per 100 urban households at the end of ownership of consumer durables (2005-2009)
9-20 constitute the basic situation of urban family housing (2006-2009)
9-21 Basic Conditions of Rural Households (2006-2009)
9-22 educated labor force in rural households (2006-2009)
9-23 per capita income of rural residents (2007-2009)
9-24 constitute a per capita net income of rural residents (2007-2009)
9-25 per capita living expenditure of rural residents (2007-2009)
9-26 per capita living expenditure of rural residents constitute (2007-2009)
9-27 every hundred rural households owned consumer durable goods at the end of volume (2005-2009)
9-28 per capita food consumption of rural residents (2005-2009)
9-29 rural households average household productive fixed assets (2006-2009)
9-30 every hundred rural households owned fixed assets for production capacity (2006-2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
10th chapter of urban construction and environmental protection
10-1 of urban construction land (2007-2009)
10-2 Urban Housing construction area (2007-2009)
10-3 circumstances municipal facilities (2007-2009)
10-4 Urban Water (2007-2009)
10-5 Basic Conditions of city gas (2007-2009)
10-6 urban central heating (2007-2009)
10-7 Urban Public Transport (2007-2009)
10-8 career development of urban environmental sanitation (2007-2009)
10-9 urban landscape conditions (2009)
10-10 Park Distribution (2009)
10-11 the water resources (2002-2009)
10-12 Water Supply and Water (2002-2009)
10-13 water, air, noise, ecological environmental conditions (2007-2009)
10-14 the use and disposal of industrial solid waste situation (2007-2009)
10-15 Composition of the Environmental Protection System (2007-2009)
10-16 environmental management of construction projects (2007-2009)
10-17 sewage collection, treatment of industrial pollution cases (2007-2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
10th one of the rural economy
11-1 Main Indicators of rural economy
11-2 agricultural production conditions (1995-2009 years)
11-3 forestry, animal husbandry and fishery output value growth rate (1995-2009 years)
11-4 animal husbandry and fishery output structure (1995-2009 years)
11-5 crop acreage (1995-2009 years)
11-6 the yield of major agricultural products (1995-2009 year)
11-7 The county animal husbandry and fishery output and value-added (2009)
11-8 The District of Major Farm Crops (2009)
The output of major crops District 11-9 (2009)
11-10 The District Animal Husbandry (2009)
11-11 forestry, orchard area and production (2007-2009)
The District Fishery 11-12 (2009)
11-13 Main Indicators of State Farms Group Corporation (2007-2009)
11-14 Basic Conditions of large reservoirs (2009)
Basic medium-sized reservoirs 11-15 (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
12th chapter Industry
12-1 industrial output and growth rate (1995-2009 years)
12-2 over all state and scale of the industrial output value
12-3 all national and large scale local industrial output value
12-4 major industrial products
12-5 Major Industrial Products (1995-2009 years)
12-6 Major Industrial Products (2009)
12-7 major industrial product sales and marketing rate
12-8 Main Indicators of industrial enterprises of all districts and counties (2009)
12-9 Main Economic Indicators of Industrial Enterprises (1995-2009 years)
12-10 All State-owned and large industrial enterprises Main Economic Indicators (2009)
12-11 places all state and large industrial enterprises Main Economic Indicators (2009)
12-12 by industry and size of all the state-owned industrial enterprises above the main economic indicators (2009)
12-13 sub-sector state-owned industrial enterprises Main Economic Indicators (2009)
12-14 All state-owned industrial enterprises above designated size main economic indicators (1995-2009 years)
12-15 All state-owned industrial enterprises above designated size main economic indicators (2009)
12-16 medium-sized state-owned and state holding industrial enterprises account for the city's main economic indicators and the proportion of
12-17 medium-sized industrial enterprises in the city's main economic indicators and the proportion of total
12-18 high-tech industries of major economic indicators (2009)
12-19 competitive industries of major economic indicators (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
13th chapter construction
13-1 Basic Conditions of Construction Enterprises (1995-2009 years)
13-2 major economic indicators construction companies and engineering quality (1995-2009 years)
13-3 Basic Conditions of Construction Enterprises (by Registration and Type of Ownership)
13-4 Basic Conditions of construction companies (by industry and level of qualification points)
13-5 Main Financial Indicators of Construction Enterprises (2009)
13-6 Construction Machinery and Equipment Owned Enterprises at the end of the total power and net worth (1995-2009 years)
13-7 Construction Enterprises, rate and power equipment rate (1995-2009 years)
13-8 Construction Equipment business conditions and economic indicators
13-9 the completion of construction enterprises building construction
13-10 services operation of the sub-building production
Main Statistical Indicators
14th article in transport and
14-1 Social passenger and cargo transport volume and turnover (1995-2009 years)
14-2 Social passenger and cargo transport volume and turnover (2007-2009)
14-3 Length of Transportation Routes (2007-2009)
14-4 port passenger and cargo throughput (1995-2009 years)
14-5 Port Facilities (2007-2009)
Sub-class port cargo throughput 14-6
14-7 road and air transport main technical and economic indicators (2007-2009)
14-8 Main Indicators of Civil Aviation Airport (2007-2009)
14-9 civilian vehicle ownership (2009)
14-10 Basic Conditions of Post and Telecommunications Industry (1995-2009 years)
14-11 Basic Conditions of postal and telecommunications services (2007-2009)
14-12 Main Communication Capacity of Telecommunications (2007-2009)
14-13 Postal and Telecommunications Services standard (2007-2009)
14-14 Post, Telecommunications Bureau (the, hall) number (2007-2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
The 15th article of domestic trade
15-1 Retail sales of consumer goods (1995-2009 years)
Of wholesale and retail 15-2 commodity purchase, sale, deposit the total amount (1998-2009 years)
15-3 of wholesale and retail total purchases
15-4 Above wholesale and retail merchandise sales and total stocks
15-5 above limits of state-owned and state holding the main indicators of wholesale and retail trade (2009)
15-6 Basic Conditions of the lodging industry over quota (2009)
15-7 in Tianjin for more than four-star hotel list (2009)
15-8 Catering Trade above the basic situation (2009)
15-9 Press of Registration of wholesale and retail financial status (2009)
15-10 by Sector of wholesale and retail financial situation (2009)
15-11 Basic Conditions of Chain Retail Enterprises (2009)
15-12 limits the basic conditions of chain catering enterprises (2009)
15-13 million more than the basic commodity market conditions (2009)
15-14 the amount of actual domestic capital (2006-2009)
15-15 Foreign Investment in Tianjin provinces
Main Statistical Indicators
16th chapter financial sector
16-1 various financial institutions
16-2 Chinese-funded financial institutions, the balance of RMB deposits and loans (1995-2009 years)
16-3 RMB deposit-funded banking institutions loans (1995-2009 years)
16-4 Chinese-funded financial institutions and inject cash payments (1995-2009 years)
16-5 in the deposit and loan balance of foreign financial institutions (2006-2009)
16-6 in the foreign financial institutions and foreign currency balance sheet credit
16-7 Chinese-funded financial institutions, the balance of RMB deposits and loans
16-8 in the bank balance of RMB deposits and loans
16-9 Chinese-funded financial institutions in cash income and expenditure
16-10 financial institutions, statutory deposit rate table (2006-2008)
16-11 financial institutions, the legal lending rates table (2006-2008)
16-12 Personal loans (2006-2009)
16-13 cases of domestic listed companies in IPO (1993-2009 years)
16-14 Tianjin joint-stock enterprises the first time a list of outstanding shares
16-15 Insurance Agency
16-16 Main Indicators of Insurance (1995-2009 years)
16-17 Insurance Business
16-18 foreign (joint venture) banks, insurance companies in Tianjin Branch, Office List (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
17th chapter of education and science and technology
17-1 Basic types of schools at all levels (1995-2009 years)
17-2 of Schools, Students and Teachers and Staff
17-3 average number of students per 10,000 population has (2006-2009)
17-4 average number of students per teacher pay (2006-2009)
17-5 students at all levels of school enrollment (2006-2009)
17-6 graduate school, graduation, enrollment and the number of instructor (2006-2009)
17-7 sub-disciplines in the number of graduate students (2007-2009)
17-8 Basic Conditions of various colleges and universities
17-9 Higher Education Division the number of students
17-10 College Division full-time teachers (by functional title)
17-11 Basic Vocational Education
17-12 of Schools (2009)
17-13 Basic Conditions of kindergarten (2006-2009)
Ordinary primary and secondary distribution of 17-14 (2009)
17-15 regular secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens case (2009)
17-16 Other basic situation in the (2006-2009)
17-17 situation Web education students
17-18 situation of foreign students
17-19 professional and technical staff (2007-2009)
Professional and technical workers constitute 17-20 (2009)
17-21 Natural constitutes professional and technical personnel (2009) (by Sector)
17-22 constitute the social science technicians (2009) (by Sector)
17-23 independent scientific research and technology development institutions in
Natural 17-24 independent research topics, and inputs (by type of issue)
17-25 Patent Application number and authorization number
17-26 scientific and technological achievements (2007-2009)
17-27 by the National Science and Technology Award of Tianjin Science and Technology Achievements List (2009)
17-28 Higher Education to carry out research projects and investment (2009) (science, engineering, agriculture, medicine category)
17-29 S & T monographs and papers (2006-2009) (science, engineering, agriculture, medicine category)
Supervision of special equipment to monitor the situation 17-30
Technical Quality Supervision, Inspection and case 17-31 (2006-2009)
17-32 Institute of Science and Technology Association and their respective scientific and technological activities (2009)
17-33 medium-sized industrial enterprises in basic information technology activities (2008) (by Type)
17-34 medium-sized industrial enterprises in science and technology activities of the basic situation (2008) (by Sector)
17-35 Technical Market (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
18th chapter of culture, sports and health
18-1 Cultural Institutions and Personnel (2003-2009)
18-2 Publication of newspapers, magazines, books (2007-2009)
18-3 book publishing classification (2007-2009)
18-4 Publication of video and sound recordings (2007-2009)
18-5 radio and television program production situation (2009)
18-6 radio and television broadcast case (2009)
Radio and TV Stations 18-7 (2006-2009)
18-8 Basic Cable TV (2006-2009)
18-9 Basic film unit (2006-2009)
18-10 Basic Conditions of arts (2006-2009)
18-11 Basic Conditions of archives (2006-2009)
18-12 Archives Archives collection and exploitation of the situation (2006-2009)
18-13 agencies and institutions file data storage and exploitation of the situation (2006-2009)
18-14 large-scale industrial enterprises Archives Preservation and Development and Utilization (2006-2009)
18-15 Public Libraries cases (2006-2009)
18-16 Basic information for museums and heritage (2006-2009)
18-17 Basic Conditions of the people and culture (2006-2009)
18-18 Sports Commission system sports workers (2006-2009)
The number of referees and players 18-19 levels (2007-2009)
18-20 international and domestic situation of sports Medal (2009)
Basic Health Care 18-21 (1995-2009 years)
18-22 Number of Health Institutions (2006-2009)
18-23 Basic Health Care (2009)
18-24 Health Professionals (2009)
18-25 Number of beds in health institutions (2006-2009)
18-26 beds in medical institutions, clinics and the use of (2006-2009)
18-27 Hospitals and Health Centers operating conditions
18-28 community health service centers (stations) Basic conditions
18-29 Basic Conditions of village clinics (2006-2009)
Health status of women and children 18-30 (2006-2009)
18-31 city residents died before the 10 diseases pose special rates and causes of death
18-32 and the composition of total health expenditure (1995-2009 years)
18-33 years of total health costs of the main flow body composition
Main Statistical Indicators
19th chapter other social activities
19-1 social welfare, the number of business units and staff
19-2 Adopting Social Welfare Institutions (2009)
19-3 Social Relief (2006-2009)
19-4 special care and institutions situation (2006-2009)
19-5 community service in urban areas (2006-2009)
19-6 Basic Conditions for elderly people (2006-2009)
19-7 medical assistance cases (2006-2009)
19-8 Basic Conditions of Disabled Persons
19-9 Basic Conditions of the Red Cross (2007-2009)
19-10 procuracy for the detection of financial circumstances of the case (2009)
19-11 Court civil cases and closed cases received (2009)
19-12 and enrolled in the Court of administrative cases closed case (2009)
19-13 Basic Mediation (2006-2009)
19-14 Basic Conditions of lawyer (2006-2009)
19-15 Notary basic situation (2007-2009)
19-16 grass-roots trade union organization (2006-2009)
19-17 Women's organization (2006-2009)
19-18 Women's work (2006-2009)
19-19 cases of consumer complaints received (2009)
19-20 handling of labor disputes (2006-2009)
19-21 Tianjin People's Congress on behalf of the previous number of sex composition and motion, criticized the proposed number of
19-22 Tianjin CPPCC Committee, the number of previous proposals and the number of registered
Main Statistical Indicators
The 20th chapter business survey data
20-1 Main Financial Indicators of Enterprises Group (2001-2009)
20-2 Main Indicators on Economic Benefit Enterprise Group (2001-2009)
20-3 entrepreneur confidence index (2001-2009)
20-4 industrial entrepreneur confidence index (2001-2009)
20-5 Business Climate Index (2001-2009)
20-6 Main Financial Indicators of Enterprises Group (2009)
20-7 Main Indicators on Economic Benefit Enterprise Group (2009)
20-8 entrepreneur confidence index (2009)
20-9 business climate index (2009)
20-10 industrial entrepreneur confidence index (2009)
20-11 Industrial business climate index (2009)
Main Statistical Indicators
Article 1 of Binhai New Area
21-1 Binhai New Area administrative system (2009)
21-2 built area of Tianjin Binhai New Area (2007-2009)
21-3 Year of Binhai New Area principal key indicators of population
21-4 Main Economic Indicators Binhai New Area
21-5 Main Indicators of Binhai New Area, the city's share of total (2009)
21-6 Binhai New Area's GDP
21-7 Binhai New Area Urban fixed asset investment
Infrastructure investment in Binhai New Area 21-8
21-9 Binhai New Area of municipal and public transport situation (2007-2009)
21-10 Binhai New Area direct use of foreign capital (2009)
21-11 Binhai new area direct use of foreign capital distinction
21-12 domestic investment situation of Binhai New Area
Binhai New Area over the scale of 21-13 Main Financial Indicators of Industrial Enterprises (2009)
21-14 Binhai new scale industrial output value by Sector (2009)
21-15 Binhai New Area financial institutions by the credit balance of payments situation
21-16 Basic Conditions of social undertakings in Binhai New Area (2007-2009)
21-17 Binhai New Area of industrial waste water, waste gas, solid waste discharge and treatment situation (2007-2009)
21-18 Economic and Technical Development Area of the year of major economic indicators
21-19 Economic and Technical Development Zone, the main economic indicators
21-20 Economic and Technical Development Zone, the direct use of foreign capital (as at the end of 2009)
Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, mainly 21-21 years of major economic indicators (1992-2009 years)
21-22 Main Economic Indicators of Tianjin Free Trade Zone
Tianjin Binhai New District 21-23 Main Economic Indicators (2009)
第二 12 districts and counties of the basic situation
22-1 Main Economic Indicators of the county (2009)
The basic situation of the peace District 22-2
22-3 Basic Conditions of Hedong District
22-4 Basic Conditions of Hexi District
22-5 Basic Conditions of Nankai District
22-6 Basic Conditions of Hebei District
22-7 Basic Conditions of Hongqiao District
22-8 Basic Conditions of Tanggu District
22-9 Basic Conditions of Hangu District
22-10 Basic Conditions of Dagang District
22-11 Basic Conditions of Dongli District
22-12 Basic Conditions of the West Green area
22-13 Basic Conditions of Jinnan District
22-14 Basic Conditions of North Star District
22-15 Basic Conditions of Wuqing
22-16 Basic Conditions of Baodi
22-17 Ninghe Basic
22-18 Basic Conditions of Jinghai County
22-19 Basic Conditions of Jixian
Tianjin, the second key information bulletin economic census
Tianjin, the second major economic census information bulletin (No.)
Tianjin, the second major economic census information bulletin (No.)
Tianjin, the second major economic census information bulletin (No.)
Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2010