Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2013

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" Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2013 " is a comprehensive reflection of the national economic and social development of Tianjin 's major annual data , founded in 1984, published each year , forming series. " Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2013 " System of Tianjin in 2012 a collection of economic statistics in all aspects of society , as well as the city's main statistics of other important historical year . The book is bilingual , with a CD-ROM.
" Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2013 " published in the Yearbook main text data of " 2012 Tianjin Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin ," " 2012 Tianjin Economic Situation Analysis ", " 2012 Tianjin Social Development Report ." For ease of use , the book 's table of contents index marked a book structure. Each book in the post with Main Statistical Indicators .
" Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2013 " Statistical Yearbook of the main data taken from various professional statistical report, a small portion taken from a sample survey data and professional sector statistics ; third part of the table data has taken the sixth national census tabulation results.
" Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2013 " units of measurement used in this yearbook are internationally standard measurement units ; Industry Classification Standard adopt the national standard GB / T 4754-2002; When calculating per capita indicators , starting in 2005 using the resident population, 2005 before using household population ; starting in 2006 , the implementation of the new requirements of urban and rural division standard NUC word [ 2006 ] No. 60 document.
Tianjin Statistical Yearbook 2013