Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2010

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"Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2010" (in English and Chinese were attached electronic version) is a fully reflect the economic and social development in Jiangxi Province, an information tool. This book contains provincial and municipal (prefecture) and county economic and social aspects of the previous year's statistics and important year history of the main statistical data; book is mainly divided into an administrative division and natural resources; 2 synthesis; 3, population, employment and wages of workers; 4, investment in fixed assets; 5, energy production and consumption; 6, fiscal, financial and insurance; 7, the price index; 8 living; 9 city profile; 10, agriculture; 11 industrial; 12, the construction industry; 13, transportation, postal and information transmission; 14, domestic trade; 15, foreign trade and tourism; 16, education, technology and culture; 17, sports, health and other social activities; etc. .
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Jiangxi Statistical Yearbook 2010