Our programs are designed for companies who provide products and services that benefit our mutual customers. Together we can offer our solutions in the marketplace through integration, marketing, and support. These opportunities may include product bundling, OEM relationships, and strategic marketing partnerships.  Partnering with our company gives you the power to:

Generate New Business Opportunities and Incremental Revenue

  • Through our website,, you are provided with a well-established online selling and promotion platform.
  • Each month we deliver detailed sales information to you providing you with marketing opportunities.
  • Our "buy by the slice" option allows users to purchase segments of larger reports cost-effectively, making our collection highly attractive to small to mid-sized businesses with small budgets.

Reach New Markets

  • In addition to promoting and selling your content on our site, we’ll highlight you and your products in our newsletter as well as our highly targeted direct mail.
  • Our internal and external Sales and Customer Service departments are ready to expand your portfolios of products, to help you diversify and to discover more value-added or higher-valued markets.

Increase Your Brand Recognition

  • Advertising in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish and German language publications
  • Through representations and conferences in and outside China, your brand will be exposed to this growth-oriented audience to generate incremental brand recognition and revenue for you.
  • A dedicated Content team will be assigned to you to ensure that you receive the highest level of service in the industry.

We believe our closely integrated marketing services with our well-developed platform will significantly boost the profitability of our publisher clients’ investments in online selling.