Chinese Editing and Polishing Service

Are you struggling for the Chinese HSK writing test? Where can your Chinese writing be improved?

Let us help!

What do we offer?

You may find Google translator easy to use to convert your own language into Chinese. However, we have been asked for many times by our customers from various parts of the world whether any language polishing service is available for them to improve their writing in Chinese. We are now thrilled to announce that we start to offer Chinese editing service at PurpleCulture as of October 1st, 2010.

By using our editing service, you can be sure that your writing in Chinese will be polished and easy to understand. We will correct grammar, fix problem sentences, delete redundancies, and even sharpen your vocabulary.

To improve the overall clarity and flow of your writing, we also edit for overall wordiness, eliminate obvious false characters, and correct punctuations.

Editing samples

Original Writing
Rain 是非常有名的朝国的明星!他唱得非常好, 他也是出色的演员。Rain是我最喜欢朝国的演员!我真的喜欢他的美国电影叫 Ninja assassin. 以前我看了那部电影, 我不知道他能说英文!我真是太惊奇了,他英语说得非常好!我想知道在中国他叫什么?他有没有中文名字?也许中国人都称呼他雨!哦!我忘记说,他非常非常帅, 哈哈!告诉我,你喜欢Rain吗?
Rain 是一位非常有名的韩国明星,他歌唱得非常好,同时也是一名出色的演员。Rain是我最喜欢的韩国演员!我真的非常喜欢他参演的那部美国电影《 Ninja assassin》。以前我看过这部电影,那时我还不知道他能说英文!我真是太惊讶了,因为他的英语说得非常好!我想知道在中国他叫什么?他有中文名字吗?也许中国人都称呼他为“雨”?哦,我忘记说了,他非常非常帅,哈哈!告诉我,你喜欢Rain吗?

Who are the editors?

Our editors are native Chinese speakers, experienced with Chinese language teaching for foreigners, and are available for direct communication with you in English.

Quick response

For stand essay less than 1000 Chinese characters, we will read, edit, and return it within 2 business days. Longer works are normally returned within 5 business days.

Simple pricing

We offer simple, all-inclusive price for proofreading and editing of US$0.02 per Chinese character.

The total charge will be US$0.02 multiplies the number of Chinese characters as determined by the Word Count function in Microsoft Word. Minimum price is US$5. We guarantee that there are no additional charges.

Easy to use

Simply send the work that you would like to have edited, your name and email address to We will count the number of characters and reply to you with quotation and the payment link via PayPal. Upon receipt of your payment, your work will be assigned to one of our editors. You will receive the final work within our promised timeline.