Ancient Chinese architecture is not only a source of reference for modern Chinese design, it has also had an international influence and attracted global attention. Moreover, architectural remains in China reveal much about the history of this ancient civilisation. The palaces, gardens, temples, tombs and dwellings of the Chinese people reflect, for example, the military achievements of the Qin emperor, the spirit of the Tang Dynasty, the palace intrigues of the Ming Dynasty, the diversity of Chinese culture through the ages and the skill of countless generations of craftsmen and laborers. Chinese Architecture provides an accessible, illustrated introduction to this essential part of China's cultural heritage.

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Contemporary Bamboo Architecture in China
ISBN: 9787302580218 | Publisher: Tsinghua University Press | Published on 04/2022

Memory of the Old Home in Sketches: Old Beijing's Courtyard Houses
ISBN: 7507739732, 9787507739732 | Publisher: Academy Press | Published on 02/2012 | Series: Memory of the Old Home in Sketches | Reviews:

ISBN: 9787547840443 | Publisher: Shanghai Science and Technology Publishing House | Published on 08/2018

Chinese Red: Royal Mausoleums in China
ISBN: 9787546125046 | Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House | Published on 01/2013 | Series: Chinese Red

PRIVATE GARDENS: Gardens for the Enjoyment of Artificial Landscapes of Men of Letters
ISBN: 9787112139729,7112139724 | Publisher: China Construction Industry Press | Published on 06/2012 | Series: The Excellence of Ancient Chinese Architecture
The book has two parts of introduction and picture version. The introduction part explains the private gardens architectures development, art...

Chinese Red: Ancient Chinese Architecture
ISBN: 9787546127071,7546127076 | Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House | Published on 04/2012 | Series: Chinese Red | Reviews:

Memory of the Old Home in Sketches: Relics in Old Ningbo
ISBN: 7507743195, 9787507743197 | Publisher: Academy Press | Published on 07/2013 | Series: Memory of the Old Home in Sketches

Illustrated Notes on Western Architecture by Liang Sicheng (English Edition)
ISBN: 9787513539685 | Publisher: Foerigen Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 01/2001
It is a collection of Liang Sicheng's manuscripts of class notes and assignments on the history of Western architecture lectured by Alfred H....

Stories of Ancient Chinese Architecture (Illustrated Version)
ISBN: 9787532774135 | Publisher: Shanghai Century Publishing Co.,Ltd | Published on 05/2017 | Series: Ancient Chinese Wisdom | Reviews:
Ancient Chinese architecture is an integral part of the rich and time-honored Chinese culture and an important component of the world architectural...

Chinese Red: Chinese Ancient Bridge
ISBN: 7546130824,9787546130828 | Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House | Published on 08/2012 | Series: Chinese Red