Chinese Architecture: Palaces, Gardens, Temples and Dwellings

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Language: English
Format: Papercover
Page: 179
Publication Date: 01/2010
ISBN: 9787508517261
Ancient Chinese architecture is not only a source of reference for modern Chinese design, but its cultural heritage has also had an international influence and attracted global attention. Appreciating ancient Chinese architecture can be likened to opening up an enormous history book. The legends of remote antiquity speak of the great military achievements of the Qin emperor, the noble spirit of the Tang Dynasty, the palace intrigues of the Ming Dynasty, not to mention the wisdom and intelligence of the millions of ordinary laborers that are neglected by the history books; all of their images are vividly recorded therein.

About Author

Cai Yanxin, born in Chongqing of China in April 1980, graduated in 2009 from College of Architecture & City Planning at Tongji University in Shanghai with a PhD degree and is now an instructor at the Faculty of Architecture Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu. Her research area includes Chinese traditional architectural art, protection and reutilization of Chinese traditional architectures.
Table of Contents
Ancient Cities
Capital Cities
Provincial Cities
Military Defense
The Supreme Imperial Power
Imperial Palaces
Temples and Altars
Imperial Mausoleums
The Palaces of Gods
Confucian Architecture
Buddhist Architecture
Taoist Architecture
Islamic Architecture
Christian Architecture
Appreciation of Chinese Gardens
Imperial Gardens
Private Gardens
Vernacular Dwellings
Beijing Siheyuan Building (Courtyard Houses)
Northwestern Cave Dwelling
Huizhou Dwellings
Upland Dwellings in Sichuan-Chongqing Region
Earthen Houses of Fujian
The Mongolian Yurt
Xinjiang's Aywang
Tibetan Stone Houses
The Bamboo Houses of Dai Ethnic Group in Yunnan
When East Met West
Western Influences on Chinese Architecture
The New National Formalism Architecture
Towards a New Architecture
Appendix: Chronological Table of the Chinese Dynasties
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Chinese Architecture: Palaces, Gardens, Temples and Dwellings