Buddhist Monastery South of the Yangtze

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The building of the Buddhist monastery is an important component of Chinese ancient architectural culture. Its architectural location,architectural layout, architectural method and architectural decoration all bear the deep stamp of Chinese traditional culture and ideology. This book, combining architecture with religion and culture, displays the existence and characteristics of the Buddhist monastery on the background of the development history of Chan, and then represents the whole look of the architecture and culture of the Buddhist monastery by a detailed explanation of buildings, religious ritual implements, associated contents and etc.This book is especially for those who areinterested in Chinese traditional culture, Chineseancient architecture and design of the Buddhistbuilding, and for the tourists as well.

About Author
Wang Yuan, female, born in 1972, an associate professor of the Shanghai Jiao Tong Universitv.She is the author of Research on the Architectural Development of the Han and Tang Dvnasties published by the Taiwan Fo Guang Shan Press in 2003,and the translator of the fifth v01unle of the simplified version of Chinese Science Civilization History in 2003.Shehas ovetten dissenations appearing in Journal of Tong Ji University Hua Zhong Architecture,Chinese&ovefseas Architecture and other inagazmes and academic conferences.
Table of Contents
Introduction: Buddhist Monastery.Chan
Chapter Ⅰ: Buddhist Monastery·History
1.The South of the Yangtze
5.Caoxi Spring
7.Green Plain
8.Two Mahasattvas

Chapter Ⅱ : Buddhist Monastery·Five Mountains
1.Mount Jing Monastery
2.Lingyin Monastery
3.Tiantong Monastery
4.Jingci Monastery
5.King Ashoka Monastery
6.Five Mountains.The Mountain Forest Realm

Chapter Ⅲ: Buddhist Monastery Building
1.Buddhist Temple
3.The Architectural Component of the Temple
4.The Characteristics of the Ancient Building of the Monastery

Chapter Ⅳ Buddhist Monastery·Culture
1.Living in Clouds
2.Religious Ritual Implement
3.Ancient Tree
4.Pure Land
5.Vinaya Garden
7.Tea Ceremony

Chapter Ⅴ : Buddhist Monastery·Nature
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Buddhist Monastery South of the Yangtze (ISBN:7313063466,9787313063465)

Sample pages of Buddhist Monastery South of the Yangtze (ISBN:7313063466,9787313063465)

People in the world have difierent lifestyles,which are the same as those called“monk”in the monastery,who in fact are also the same com-mon people as we are.In the eyes of some people,they are escapist,mystical,and even have some oddities.In reality,they also have pleasure and dejection,as well as affection and expectations.If they live in a monastery,the monastery will begin to have vitality,where the light smoke rolling up brings out signs of human habitation.Their insights are originally colorful.and the colors here have the life trace.pleasure and dejection.What they are going to do is to dilute those colors and make them too weak to be seen.Insisting and abnegating should be the differ-ence between being inside Buddhism and being outside Buddhism.
In the feudal era of China,social life should all be brought into the hierarchical order.The class and order decided superiority and in feriority.The concept of superiority and inferiority was the key component of the ethic.Even Buddhism,a place out of the world,was also brought into the hierarchical order.Not only the relationship between the monasteries,but also the relationships between the resident superintendents and the as sembly of monks,between the Chan masters and the disciples and be-tween brothers had the same classification of superiority and inferiority,the hierarchical order people’S normal life.If it iS said that the monastery is the place for people to find spiritual consolation,and monks in the monastery are the guides for the masses looking for spiritual libera-tion,then what they do in their whole life is supposed to carry out one kind of effective method,letting the method lead themselves and others enter the“Buddhist realm”,where there is no sadness,no poverty,no cheat,but only goodliness and wealth,that is the place called“The Land ofBliss in the West”or The Eastem Paradise ofPure Lapiz Lazuli”The respect that people give monks is from their yearnings for the world and their hopes for getting guided.The most exalted Chan master is the Chan master who can offer people the most direct,convenient and effective method.Their behaviors are always enthroned at the hearts of followers.People following the monk is similar to following the spiritual teacher.
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Buddhist Monastery South of the Yangtze