Experiencing Chinese: Traveling in China (40-50 Hours) (with CD)

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Experiencing Chinese. Traveling in China is one book of the Experiencing Chinese series for short-term teaching material. It shares the same learning model as the other books in this series, that is, experiencial learning. Compared with the other books in this series. Experiencing Chinese: Traveling in China is written especially for Chinese language beginners who like to travel. The necessary scenes for travel are depicted with simple words and sentence patterns. That is very practical for beginners to communicate while traveling in China. This book includes necessary dialogues and tips for traveling in China and requires about 50 class hours. Experiencing Chinese: Traveling in China could serve as a useful handbook for tourists traveling in China.


The book consists of 12 units. Each unit has 3-4 communicative objectives and contains the following parts;


Objectives are designed for teachers and students to know about the study focus and the functional tasks of the unit.


In Warm-Up, the main words and phrases are listed with pictures to introduce students to the words they will learn. Pictures will help them to visualize the new words.

·Conversations and Activities

Each unit has 2 parts, the second of which supplements and expands upon the first. Both include 5 elements: Words and phrases, Sentences, Conversation, Notes and Activities All the Words and Phrases and basic Sentences used in the Conversation are listed. The Conversations are designed to practice Words and Phrases and Sentences in practical communication scenes. Notes explain the language points in Conversations with simple examples. Activities provide students more opportunities to practice communication in various ways.

·Tour Guide

Tour Guide provides the relevant information and general knowledge about traveling in China. Ⅵ. Chinese Scenery

Chinese Scenery shows the most beautiful scenery of China.

Experiencing Chinese: Traveling in China targets Chinese language beginners who like to travel in China and badly need help in communicating. It aims to be very practical.

Limited vocabulary: This book covers about 300 words and phrases, of which most are at the basie level.

Authenticity and practicability: All the language materials and communication environments were designed based on a survey of more than 300 foreign students from Dali University.

Focus on practicability, not grammar: Language points are explained by simple examples, not by the grammatical rules.

Table of Contents
第一课 乘车 Transportation
第二课 入住 Checking in
第三课 房间设施 Room Facilities
第四课 日程安排 Arranging Daily Activities
第五课 问路 Asking the Way
第六课 订票 Booking a Ticket
第七课 购物 Shopping
第八课 换钱 Exchanging Money
第九课 求助 Asking for Help
第十课 吃饭 Dining
第十一课 生病 I AM Not Well
第十二课 寄信 Mailing a Letter
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Experiencing Chinese: Traveling in China (40-50 Hours) (with CD)