Experiencing Chinese: Experiencing Culture in China (60-80 Hours) (with audios)

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Author: Zeng Xiaoyu;
Page: 210
Publication Date: 06/2006
ISBN: 7040202638, 9787040202632
Planned by the China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, The guiding principle of this book is “experiencing” and “practicing”. Real communicative setting is offered to encourage learners to talk in Chinese. You will find that learning Chinese was never so enjoyable, and you can learn some knowledge about Chinese Culture at the same time.
Table of Contents
第一课 给您拜年 Paying a New Year Call to a Friend
第二课 今天我请客 I Stand Treat Today
第三课 你叫什么名字 What’s Your Name
第四课 祝你们白头偕老 May You Remain Happily Married to a Ripe Old Age
第五课 有空常来玩 Come Visit often if You Like
第六课 应该送什么 What do We give
第七课 走,看戏去 Let’s go to theater
第八课 我在练习书法呢 I AM Practicing Brush Calligraphy
第九课 低头思故乡 Bowing, in Homesickness I AM Drowned
第十课 北京的四合院 The Siheyuan of Beijing
第十一课 你去过泰山吗 Have You Been to the Mount Tai
第十二课 她是傣族人 She is A Girl of the Dai Nationality
附录一 听力录音文本
附录二 词语表
附录三 关键句一览表
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Experiencing Chinese: Experiencing Culture in China (60-80 Hours) (with audios)