Experiencing Chinese: Experiencing Culture Workbook

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Author: Sun Xue; Gu Feng; Sun Yi;
Page: 213
Publication Date: 12/2006
ISBN: 7040205459

Table of Contents
第一课 给您拜年 Paying a New Year Call to a Friend
第二课 今天我请客 I Stand Treat Today
第三课 你叫什么名字 What’s Your Name
第四课 祝你们白头偕老 May You Remain Happily Married to a Ripe Old Age
第五课 有空常来玩 Come Visit often if You Like
第六课 应该送什么 What do We give
第七课 走,看戏去 Let’s go to theater
第八课 我在练习书法呢 I AM Practicing Brush Calligraphy
第九课 低头思故乡 Bowing, in Homesickness I AM Drowned
第十课 北京的四合院 The Siheyuan of Beijing
第十一课 你去过泰山吗 Have You Been to the Mount Tai
第十二课 她是傣族人 She is A Girl of the Dai Nationality
Key to Excercises
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Experiencing Chinese: Experiencing Culture Workbook