Practical Chinese for Buisiness (With 1mp3)

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  • Author: Huang Weizhi;
  • Language: Chinese-English
  • Format: Papercover
  • Page: 237
  • Publication Date: 08/2008
  • ISBN: 9787802004061
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
  • Sample Pages: PDF Download
Practical Chinese for Business is compiled for foreign businessmen who have learnt some Chinese and who wish to expand their business in China and to establish stable markets and production bases. The contents of the dialogues are not confined to one business negotiation but cover various aspects, including investment, market research, joint venture, cooperation partners business management, cost and profit, pricing and marketing, etc. .The learners will be ushered into a new world of extensive contents of business and language study.
This book is featured by plain yet vivid episodes, which are both practical and lively for learning Chinese. Information and language materials are all updated. The dialogues are short and concise, the notes are in plain and clear language, and the exercises are well-designed and easy to use. There are a total of 25 units, each composed of a text (dialogue) with pinyin and English translation, new words, key sentences, notes as well as exercises. There are six key sentences in each unit that should be mastered by the learners. They are easy to master and are commonly used for real-life purposes. The English translation helps facilitate the learners' comprehension. There are two notes following each text, one on vocabulary or expressions, and the other on cultural background and knowledge. A glossary is attached to the end of the book for easier reference of the learners. The book is accompanied with a CD of MP3 data providing recordings of the texts and key sentences.
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Practical Chinese for Buisiness (With 1mp3)