A concise introduction to Chinese culture

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Table of Contents
1Chapter 1Chinese Festivals and Customs 
2Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 
2Part ⅡReading and Learning 
11Part ⅢFurther Development 
16Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 
17Chapter 2Chinese Cuisine 
17Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 
18Part ⅡReading and Learning 
33Part ⅢFurther Development 
34Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 
37Chapter 3Tourism in China 
38Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 
38Part ⅡReading and Learning 
54Part ⅢFurther Development 
57Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 
58Chapter 4Chinese Music 
58Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 
59Part ⅡReading and Learning 
71Part ⅢFurther Development 
72Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 
75Chapter 5Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts 
75Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 
76Part ⅡReading and Writing 
93Part ⅢFurther Development 
94Part ⅣAfter?Class ActivityChapter 6Chinese Language, Calligraphy and Painting 96 
Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 96 
Part ⅡReading and Learning 97 
Part ⅢFurther Development 111 
Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 114 
Chapter 7Family and Education in China 115 
Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 116 
Part ⅡReading and Learning 116 
Part ⅢFurther Development 135 
Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 136 
Chapter 8History of China 138 
Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 139 
Part ⅡReading and Learning 139 
Part ⅢFurther Development 161 
Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 163 
Chapter 9Chinese Politics 164 
Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 164 
Part ⅡReading and Learning 165 
Part ⅢFurther Development 172 
Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 175 
Chapter 10Chinese Literature and Film 176 
Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 177 
Part ⅡReading and Learning 177 
Part ⅢFurther Development 194 
Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 196197Chapter 11Chinese Traditional Thoughts 
197Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 
198Part ⅡReading and Learning 
205Part ⅢFurther Development 
207Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 
209Chapter 12People's Life in Modern China 
209Part ⅠApproaching the Topic 
209Part ⅡReading and Learning 
221Part ⅢFurther Development 
223Part ⅣAfter?Class Activity 
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A concise introduction to Chinese culture