10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan

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Author: Zhou Qingjie;
Language: English
Format: Papercover
Page: 121
Publication Date: 09/2009
ISBN: 9787119054629
The book gives a brief introduction to Tai Ji Quan, illustrates its evolution, introduces its major schools and the benefit to its practitioners, and elaborates the Taiji culture. By studying the simplified movement routines of Tai Ji Quan, the practitioners can experience the subtle but wonderful changes residing in this martial art
Table of Contents

What is Tai Ji Quan?
Origin & Development ofTai Ji Quan
Major Tai Ji Quan Styles
The Cultural Charm ofTai Ji Quan
Tai Ji Quan and Health
Bare Hands and Weapons
Learning Tai Ji Quart
Points for Attention While Practicing Tai Ji Quan
Classical Essay on Tai Ji Quan
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10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan