10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan

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The book gives a brief introduction to Tai Ji Quan, illustrates its evolution, introduces its major schools and the benefit to its practitioners, and elaborates the Taiji culture. By studying the simplified movement routines of Tai Ji Quan, the practitioners can experience the subtle but wonderful changes residing in this martial art
Table of Contents

What is Tai Ji Quan?
Origin & Development ofTai Ji Quan
Major Tai Ji Quan Styles
The Cultural Charm ofTai Ji Quan
Tai Ji Quan and Health
Bare Hands and Weapons
Learning Tai Ji Quart
Points for Attention While Practicing Tai Ji Quan
Classical Essay on Tai Ji Quan
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of 10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan (ISBN:9787119054629)
Sample pages of 10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan (ISBN:9787119054629)
They supplement each other, transform themselves intoeach other and depend on each other. The harmony andbalance between yin and yang constitute the "Tai Ji state."The human body is also composed of yin and yang.Whenyin and yang are balanced, both the body and the mindare in a state of perfection. However, any imbalance bet-ween them leads to illness.Therefore, improvement of thephysical qualities and prevention of illness begins with theadjustment of yin and yang. Offense and defense also forma contradiction of yin and yang; if the relationship betweenoffense and defense is handled well, the key point of com-bat is grasped.Therefore, to grasp the rules of the changesbetween yin and yang in the human body is an importantway to improve combat ability.The ideas described aboveform the basic train of thought that lies behindTai Ji Quan.
Tai Ji philosophical thought is embodied in the process ofevery exercise in Tai Ji Quan. Yin and yang are clearly delineated in every movement,and the relationship between yin and yang is involved inevery motion ofTai Ji Quan, whether in a fixed form or ina process. There is a clear distinction between the empty and thesolid, and between above and below in every movement.
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10-Minute Primer Tai Ji Quan