10-Minute Primer Shaolin Quan

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The book starts by explaining the idea of Shaolin Quan. Then it illustrates its origin and evolution, briefly introduces its major schools, movement routines and weapons, and explicitly explains the relationships between Shaolin Quan and Zen. By practicing this simple set, people can experience the history and strength of Shaolin Quan.
Table of Contents

What is Shaolin quart?
The international reputation of Shaolin martial arts
Shaolin quart in the south and the north
Integrating chan with quart and
understanding chan through the practice of quan
Shaolin quan and health
The art and weapons of Shaolin quan
The basic movements of Shaolin quan
Points to remember when doing Shaolin quan
The dietary regimen of the Shaolin Temple
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of 10-Minute Primer Shaolin Quan (ISBN:9787119054612)
Sample pages of 10-Minute Primer Shaolin Quan (ISBN:9787119054612)
The price of a movie ticket was one-tenth of a yuanback then, and the box orifice value of the film reached 100million yuan. The lead actor in the film was Jet Li. The performancesof Jet Li and other wushu stars offered a stunning display ofShaolin quan, and their work was acclaimed as visual per-fection. One film reviewer said that monk Jueyuan, playedby Jet Li, had become a famous character of the time.To-day, a large sculpture of Jet Li stands at the entrance of thetemple in recognition of his contribution to the spread ofShaolin martial arts. That film was followed by another production, the Le-gend of the Martial Monks in the Shaolin Temple, which in- volved the participation of the Shaolin monks. A TV series Shaolin Monks Fight in Blood has also been aired.
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10-Minute Primer Shaolin Quan