10-Minute Primer Chinese Wushu

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The book traces the origin and the evolution of wushu, introduces its various schools and movement routines, and elaborates on the wushu culture. Its practitioners can build a basic wushu foundation by learning the simplified Five-stance quan.
Table of Contents

What Is Chinese Wushu!
What Else besides Bruce Lee Should You Know?
Wushu: From Stone-Age Battles to Modern Fantasies
Key Words——To Open the Door to Wushu
The Family Tree of Wushu
Chinese Wushu and Health
Beginning to Become Bruce Lee
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Sample pages of 10-Minute Primer Chinese Wushu (ISBN:9787119054643)
Sample pages of 10-Minute Primer Chinese Wushu (ISBN:9787119054643)

Whether in Chinese Buddhism or Daoism, or thesecret religions that existed among people throughChinese history, all are closely related with wushu. Shaolinwushu and VVudang wushu are undoubtedly the most in-fluential among Chinese religious wushu schools.
Shaolin Temple wushu culture
Shaolin Temple is the ancestral temple of the Chan (orZen) Sect of Chinese Buddhism. It is located on MountSongshan in Denfeng County, Henan Province.
The Shaolin Temple gradually developed its own exten-sive cultural system with distinctive features. The systemembraces Chan (sitting in meditation), wushu, medicine,ancient architecture, historical literature and books, as wellas food and drink and daily life. The most salient featuresof Shaolin culture are: integration of Chan meditation andwushu, with wushu as the embodiment of Chan, medicineas supporting wings of wushu, and the collection of thebest from all other schools.There are two prevalent beliefsregarding the origins of Shaolin gongfu: one, it was createdby Dharma; and two, it was created by Huiguang and ZengChou, disciples of Batuo, the founder of the ShaolinTemple.
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10-Minute Primer Chinese Wushu