Chinese Health Qigong: Wu Qin Xi + DVD (English edition)

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Wu Qin Xi or Five-Animal Exercises imitating the movements of animals and birds, is a group of physical and breathing exercises for health care with a uniquely Chinese national flavor.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ Origins and Development
Chapter Ⅱ Characte ristics
Chapter Ⅲ Practice Tips
Chapter Ⅳ Step-by-Step Descriptions
of the Routines
Section 1 Hand Forms,Stances
 and Maintenance of Balance
 Basic Hand Forms
 Basic Stances
 Maintenance of Balance
Section 2 The Exercises Illustrated
 Ready Position:Adjusting the Breath
 Tiger Exercise(虎戏)
 Deer Exercise(鹿戏)
 Bear Exercise(熊戏)
 Monkey Exercise(猿戏)
 Bird Exercise(鸟戏)
 Winding-Down Exercise to Convey、Qi-to Dantian
Appendix:Acupunctur Points Mentioned in This Book
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Chinese Health Qigong: Wu Qin Xi + DVD (English edition)