Health Qigong: Taiji Stick Health Preservation Exercises (with CD/DVD)

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Health Qigong - Taiji Stick Health Preservation Exercises is a new set of exercises created by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. Embodying the concept of Taiji, which emphasizes the harmony of yin and yang, man and nature, this new set of exercises distills the essence of traditional stick practice, guides body movements and stick wielding, and coordinates directed breathing and imagination. The whole set of exercises is graceful, easy to learn, and suitable for people of all ages; and it helps cure diseases, improve health, and prolong life
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅱ Characteristics 
Chapter Ⅲ Key Points 
Section Ⅰ Introduction to the Stick 
Section Ⅱ Basic Hand Positions and Wielding Methods 
Section Ⅲ Basic Stances 
Section Ⅳ Breathing and Concentrating the Mind 
Section Ⅴ Basic Training 
Chapter Ⅳ Movements 
Section Ⅰ Names of the Movements 
Section Ⅱ Movements,Tips and Health Benefits 
Initial Stance 
Step 1 Boatman Rows with an Oar(Shao Gong Yao Lu) 
Step 2 Boat Rows Slowly(Qing Zhou Huan Xing) 
Step 3 Wind Kisses Lotus Leaves(Feng Bai He Ye) 
Step 4 Boatman Tows a Boat(Chuan Fu Bei Qian) 
Step 5 Iron Stick Calms the Sea(Shen Zhen Ding Hai) 
Step 6 Golden Dragon Wags Its Tail qin LongJiao Wei) 
Step 7 Search for Treasure in the Sea(Tan Hai Xun Bao) 
Step 8 Qi Returns to Dantian(Qi Gui Dan Tian) 
Ending Stance 
Appendix:Acupuncture Points
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4.When you turn your waist and shoulders,you should rotate thestick after you stop.Beginners should shift their weight higher,keeptheir stride short,and turn their bodies slightly.You may keep yourstride bigger,turn your waist and extend your legs to the full until yourupper body and legs are in line when you become more skilled.5.When you massage your shoulders with the stick,do SO gently,When you turn your waist to the right,you should press lianjing acupoint on the left shoulder and vice versa.Also,remember to coordinate your movements with your breathing. 
[Health Benefits] 
1.Turning your head can effectively stimulate Dazhui acupoint,invigorate the qi and strengthen yang;pressing Jianjing acupoint helpspromote the circulation of blood and qi and bodybuilding;it also relieves rheumatismJ drives off coldness,and reduces pain in your neck,shoulders and back. 
2.Turning your waist,straightening your legs and stretching yourfeet can further stimulate Ren and Du meridian channels,Dai merid.ian channel,and Feet—Sanyin and Feet—Sanyang meridians,promotethe circulation ofblood and qi,invigorate your kidneys and strengtheryan9.These movements also help increase the flexibility ofyour lumbar vertebrae and hip j oints,and stretch the muscle groups of the waistand legs,thereby improVing their flexibility and agility. 
Step 5 Iron Stick Calms the Sea(Shen Zhen Ding Hai) 
1.Continue from“Boatman Tows a Boat."Bend your knees slightly.Shift your weight to the left,with feet parallel and shoulder—widthapart.Then stand naturally straight;clamp the stick with the left hand,palm down;the right wrist rotates outward and holds the stick withpalm up.Draw a vertical circle above your head(Figs.125&126);then bend your knees deeply and lower the stick along your side towaist height;your eyes follow the direction ofthe stick(Fig.127).
Health Qigong: Taiji Stick Health Preservation Exercises (with CD/DVD)