Classics of Modern Chinese Literature: A Ye Shengtao Reader

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Table of Contents
Chapter One The Little White Boat 
Chapter Two Zillionaires 
Chapter Three The Song Thrush 
Chapter Four The Blind Man and the Deaf Man 
Chapter Five The Scarecrow 
Chapter Six The Stone Statue of an Ancient Hero 
Chapter Seven The Brilliant Buffaloes 
Chapter Eight Xiangger's Huqin 
Chapter Nine Love Story of the Little Yellow Kitten 
Chapter Ten A Seed 
Chapter Eleven Lao Huang's Old Age 
Chapter Twelve The Neighbor 
Chapter Thirteen After Summer Rain
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The sculptor quarries a huge rock in the mountain and begins to work on it.With a readymade model in his mind,he is clear about which part of the rock to keep and which to remove. 
Gouge after gouge and cutting after cutting,he works on the rock,big and small pieces of which showered down to the ground.Looking at the beginning as vague as the newly emerging star at dusk,the rock gradually unveils a distinct image of a hero,just exactly the one the sculptor has envisioned,not a bit more or a bit less. 
The statue's head holds up,eyes looking into afar,he seems to have great ambition and aspiration.His mouth opens as if he is shoutingah!"loudly.His left arm folds inward,like he is embracing millions of his folks.His right hand curls into a fist and stretches forward,the veins on it bulging out like year-old trunks,as if telling people that whoever intends to offend him,is destined to suffer. 
The newly carved statue is placed on the downtown square.Its pedestal is built by using the pieces of rock cut off from the statue.The sculptor says that using small pieces of rock to build the pedestal is quite a new architectural approach,aesthetically much better than using regular ashlars.The pedestal is so tall that the statue becomes the first thing people see when they come to town,just like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 
Thence,the sculptor wins his overnight fame by the statue he engraves for an ancient hero,which satisfies all the people in town."
Classics of Modern Chinese Literature: A Ye Shengtao Reader