Classics of Modern Chinese Literature: A Zhang Tianyi Reader

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Table of Contents
Chapter One A Dangerous Journey 
Chapter Two The King's Law 
Chapter Three The Auction 
Chapter Four Foot Torture 
Chapter Five Xiao Lin's Strength 
Chapter Six At Uncle Zhong Mai's Home 
Chapter Seven A Letter From Xiao Lin to Da Lin 
Chapter Eight A Beautiful Angel 
Chapter Nine The Happiness the Angel Brought Ba Ha 
Chapter Ten At Ba Ha's Home 
Chapter Eleven Grand Banquet 
Chapter Twelve The Imperial Primary School 
Chapter Thirteen Two Races 
Chapter Fourteen Misfortunes 
Chapter Fifteen Train Conductors 
Chapter Sixteen The Sea 
Chapter SeventeenI really want to eat" 
Chapter Eighteen Millionaire's Island 
Chapter Nineteen News From Qiao Qiao and Xiao Lin"
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"Ah,yes,yes.How true that hearing is not like seeing.Oh angel,what is it that you are going to tell me?" 
"Something very important.Don't kneel like that forever.Sit down and we'II chat." 
"Very good.Please sit down,beautiful angel.Does the beautiful angel want to smoke?" 
"Sure,give me one." 
Ba Ha immediately handed Bao Bao a cigarette and lit it for him.Bao Bao sat in a chair,put his left leg on the right leg,puffing and saying,
Classics of Modern Chinese Literature: A Zhang Tianyi Reader