Classics of Modern Chinese Literature: A Lao She Reader

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Table of Contents
Mr Breeches 
Master Ba 
Some Impressions 
A Discussion 
A Dog's Morning 
One Day 
An Idle Man 
Films with Sound 
Only the Gods Survive Exams 
It's Better to Be Rich 
Thoughts of Peking 
Strange Documents: A Train Journey 
Master Zongyue 
My Mother 
Ideal Places to Live 
Spring Festival in Beijing
Sample Pages Preview
The fifth, a friend asking me to find him a job, and he was waiting anxiously for a reply.Had to answer this immediately.A letter is like illness-the more you delay it, the harder it is to remedy.The letter was done, but there weren't enough stamps.Only one penny short.I called out for Lao Tian, but he had just left.I'll run the errand myself, I thought-the post office is not far away.
With the letter sent, it fell dark.No writing is appropriate before a meal.Better to read some newspapers.
After supper, I picked up two pears to help with digestion so I could get back to my writing as soon as possible.The pears were barely finished when Lao Niu arrived with his newly wed wife. 
Lao Niu is blessed with a certain kind of insensitivity.If he starts talking, he will totally forget about time, no matter how busy you are, or how long your face has become.He came with his bride, so I was sure he would not stay for too long. 
Mrs Niu, just like Lao Niu, is blessed with an equal lack of sensitivity.At half past 8, I had come to a conclusion: these two were having their honeymoon at my place.I exhausted all the old tricks: looking at my manuscript, yawning in an exaggerated fashion, saying that a friend was waiting for me, asking Lao Niu to wind up the clock, inquiring after their usual time for bed, all the while glancing at my watch constantly… Lao Niu and Mrs Niu were determined contenders in a game of ignoring my considerations.At 100'clock, neither betraved even the faintest intention of departing.
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Classics of Modern Chinese Literature: A Lao She Reader