A Collection of "Twenty-Four Filial Deeds" Stories

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Table of Contents
Attaining the Carps by Lying on Ice
Cutting a Piece of Flesh from Thigh
Bamboo Shoots Came Up Miraculously for the Cry
God Was Moved by the Obedience
Tasting the Medicine by Himself
Heartache Caused by Biting Fingers
Shouldering Rice for about 100 Li
A Person in Reed Catkins Reclaimed His Stepmother
Serving the Parents with Deer's Milk
Playing in Colorful Clothes to Entertain the Parents
Selling Himself to Bury the Father
Carving the Wood to Pay Sacrifice to the Parents
Supporting the Mother by Being Hired
Oranges Hidden in the Arms for the Mother
Burying the Son to Support the Mother
Cooling the Pillow and Warming the Bedding
Putting the Mulberries in Different Containers
Carps Appeared when the Spring Sprung
Setting Mosquitoes Free to Let Them Have Enough Blood
Clutching the Tiger's Throat to Rescue the Father
Tasting the Excrement and Feeling Worried
Abandoning the Official Post in Search of the Mother
Washing the Chamber Pot for the Mother
Never Giving Up Feeding the Grandmother
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It was said that during the De Zong time in the Tang Dynasty, Xu Zhongyuan was once the chief of Hefei and since his father moved from Xuancheng to Wangjiang, his family inhabited in Wangjiang. He was famous for his filial piety, and the story that he respected his mother spread widely in the folk. In the first year of De Zong time, his mother Ms Li's left eye was inflamed with tears all through the day and she could not get to sleep with the unbearable pain. Gradually her left eye went blind after the failure of drug treatment from many famous doctors. Soon the right eye suffered the same illness and neither could the doctor treat it. Once on the back way for doctors he heard from two old men that the soup of the children's flesh might cure the mother's disease. With a ray of hope, he came back home and prepared to cut off his flesh. He milled a knife at night and the next morning he took a bath and then cut a flesh from his thigh. His wife cooked the soup made from his flesh. Surprisingly, his mother gradually recovered ever since she drank the soup and therefore she kept her right eye.
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A Collection of "Twenty-Four Filial Deeds" Stories