China Sichuan Cuisine (in Chinese and English)

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China Sichuan cuisine (both English and Chinese standard version)" introduced 180 classic Sichuan food producing method, the book is the Chinese and English language compared , is the present domestic first large English and Chinese standard version of the local flavor exquisite glossary. "China Sichuan cuisine (both English and Chinese standard version)" production team includes the diet culture at home and abroad in the research field of the first-class experts, Sichuan cooking master, photography masters, etc., thus to ensure that the China Sichuan cuisine (both English and Chinese standard version) "the authority of the content. "China Sichuan cuisine (both English and Chinese standard version)" concise text, picture beautiful delicate, translation standards, especially 180 word classic Sichuan its producing method, available for interested in Chinese and foreign readers personally operation practice, the China Sichuan cuisine (both English and Chinese standard version) "has the very high readability, appreciation, practicability and guiding.
Table of Contents
First article appetizer
Spiced yak meat
Four taste abalone
Onion crisp fish
Crazy spicy chicken
Pepper MaJi
Prickly ash chicken
Bubble pepper chicken feet
Pot pot chicken
LaWei cold dish
Brine cold dish
Taibai pork cooked in soy sauce
Shredded pork with garlic sauce
Sauce over the
Sour and sweet pork steak
Smoked pork ribs
Mustard DuSi
Red oil ear piece
Dried tangerine or orange peel rabbit butyl
Husband and wife lung
Spicy beef jerky
The beef
Double taste dips in water rabbit
Sichuan pickle
Mother rabbit head
Ear root mixed beans
The shao tablet
Keep brittle
Hot and sour fern powder
Smell flowers kernel
Ginger cowpea
Bubble pepper ears
Pepper hemp peach kernel
QiaoMian shredded chicken
Sesame catsup phoenix-tailed
Fish sweet pea
Article 2 hot food
Braised abalone
Kung pao lobster ball
Fish sweet lobster
Dry burn prawns
Jade shrimp
Basin basin shrimp
Dry burn the liao and
Homely sea cucumber
Hot and sour sea cucumber
Boiled fish maw roll
Pepper juice of turbot
Spinach dumpling fish maw
Homely squid
A shark's lip
Squid silk gently
Bubble pepper cuttlefish young
Litchi squid roll
Spicy crab
Since hot scallop
Bamboo roast silver cod
Ageratum bass
Double pepper grouper
Of class
Candy bird's nest
Clear soup yan food
A yak palm
Bamboo shoots pigeon eggs
Tree class
Steamed flowers jiang group
Stewed skirt edge
Potatoes burn turtle
Sichuan type roast eel
Gae fish
Sand pot of fish
Spicy yellow wax butyl
Spicy hot crayfish
Bubble pepper bullfrog
Good start
ShiGuo bullfrog
Sichuan-style grilled fish
Dry Fried fish
Sour and sweet crispy fish
Qin yellow fish silk from
Pickled fish
Soft burn young catfish
Spicy boiling fish
Sturgeon period of fans
Thousand to stir-fry before stewing sturgeon silk
Garlic burn eel
Spicy and loach
Poultry class
Kung pao chicken
Taibai chicken
Chicken with rice grains of corn
Wild fungus simmering wuji
Tricholoma matsutake stew native
Velvet chicken"
Diced chicken with dried red pepper
Chicken tofu pudding
Chicken MengKui food
Gingko stewed chicken
HuangMen chicken
Fish sweet eight piece of chicken
Snow chicken Nao
Spicy handheld devices
Green pepper chicken giblets
Cordycepic duck
Smoked duck
Sweet skin duck
Ginger detonation duck silk
Sauce detonation duck tongue
Spicy duck lips
Crispy Fried duck
Chicken longitudinal braised duck waist
Rhizoma gastrodiae young pigeon
Fish sweet tiger skin pigeon eggs
Livestock meat
Sichuan style stew pork
Salt Fried meat
Dongpo elbow son
Braise in soy sauce meat
Jar meat
Shredded pork with garlic sauce fish
Pork cooked in soy sauce silk
Shredded pork with green pepper
Rice crust meat
Steamed pork with rice flour
Sweet and sour pork
Into burning white
Hot double crisp
The third article hot pot
The fourth article pastry snacks
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Sample pages of China Sichuan Cuisine (in Chinese and English) (ISBN:9787536469648)
Sample pages of China Sichuan Cuisine (in Chinese and English) (ISBN:9787536469648)

2 Customer Review(s):
by wgw on 2015-02-09 02:52:25
Very inspiring book with short, clear, no frills core recipes. Good addition to Schrecker's and Delfs' "Szechwan" books. I love it.
by Charlie on 2015-01-27 10:38:44
Excellent comprehensive book on Sichuan cuisine, the first in English developed by the Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine and the Sichuan Gourmet Association. Includes photos of each dish. Ordering from Purple Culture was easy and shipping from China was relatively quick. I would definitely use this site again.
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China Sichuan Cuisine (in Chinese and English)