Chinese Classical Music(2 CDs)

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Format: 143*125mm
Publication Date: 01/1999
ISBN: 6924551490780
This is a collection of Chinese Classical Music. CD 1 includes the best-renowned work such as River, The Great Waves lashes the Sands, The blooms of Princesses, A spray of Flower, Morning in the Miao Mountain, Spring Poems, The Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman, Song of Suzhou, Jasmine, Moonlit Night on Spring River. CD 2 includes The Evening Song in the Fishingboats, Falling into an Ambush all around, The bells on Buddist Monastery, The Moon is Mirrored on the Hui Mountain Streams, Flying Kite, Turned into a pair of Butterfies, A Half Moon is Climbing up, Golden Snake Dancing, The River Flows, Pastoral Song, Antiphony between a Fisherman and a woodman, a Phoenix Worshiped by hundreds of Birds.
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Chinese Classical Music(2 CDs)