Suwu Tender Sheep

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Format: 143*125mm
Publication Date: 01/1998
ISBN: 6924551400659
Suona, or Suona horn, a woodwind instrument, is popular in northern China's countryside. This album is a collection of famous Chinese classical pieces played by Suona. The selected pieces are Suwu Tendered Sheep, Xing Tian You, Flower-Drum of Fengyang, Back in My Parent's Home, Going to Xikou, Fly the Kite, The Goodness Threw Round Flowers, Song of Peony, Green Willow, Wish the Red Army Bon Voyage, Don't Hurry away, My Horse, Golden Snake Dancing, The place where the peach blossoms are out, Morningstar Lilies are Brilliant Red in full Bloom.
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Suwu Tender Sheep