The Chinese Dream: Real-life stories of the Common People in Contemporary China

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Author: An Dun;
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page: 205
Publication Date: 07/2009
ISBN: 9787510404078
Publisher: New World Press
Recorded in this book are the personal Storios of l3 ordinary Chinese Who come from all walks of life,including a dedicated teacher,a retired Photographer, who unwilling to stay idle,makes continued contributions to society,a public interest lawyer,a service person,a casual laborer,a stock trader,an intellectual and two journalists.Despite their different backgrounds and job,they a11 devote themselves to realizing their life values,achieving their ideals and pursuing their dreams.

About Author
An Dun (the pen name of Zhang Jieying) is a reporter for the Beijing Youth Daily She began working on her case studies on the "emotional state of modern Chinese people" in 1995. Her book series Absolute Privacy-P. ersonally Told Stories About the Emotions of Modern Chinese People include Absolute Privacy, Going Home, Love Letter, The Meeting of Strangers, Without Taboo, and Written on the Moon Her essay collections Verb An Dun, Rain from Heaven, and her novels Fragments of Des-ire, Burning Love, Love You and Harm You were all bestsellers. The film Life and Death Plunder based on her novel of the same title was awarded the top prises at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival, 2005 Kerala State International Film Festival, the 5th Tiburun International Film Festi val, and the 16th Asian and Latin Ameri can Film Festival. The film We, with An Dun as its scenarist, won the prize for Best Television Film" atthe 2005 China Film Golden Rooster Awards. She began her interviews for the book series of The Chinese Dreams in 2007. So far the first and the second books of the series based on these interviews have been published under the titles of Real-Life Stories of the Young in Con'temporary China and Real-Life Stories of the Common People in Contemporary China.
Table of Contents
To Hold Your Hand, To Grow Old with You 
It Seems I Am Still at the Earthquake Site 
I Live to Make Your Dream More Beautiful 
I Choose to Change Your Life 
The Infinite Landscape Is Seen While Traveling 
Sorrow and Hope in an Apartment 
Atonement on the Premise of Love 
Half Soft and Half Strong 
Relay of Mother and Daughter, Dreaming of Being a Star 
The Fateful ReEncounter 
For Other People Is Also for Yourself 
Loving Yourself Is Better Than Saving a Marriage 
“Unemployment”, the Peak of “My Career” 
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The Chinese Dream: Real-life stories of the Common People in Contemporary China