Single in the City: A Survey of China's Single Women

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We live in an age of emotionalism, falsity appears true, so that what seems true will be false. How do you know who really has true feelings? Which man can you believe? I am really afraid of marriage. I feel more and more convinced that spinsterhood is the only safe option: it avoids trouble, and keeps life safe and straightforward.
Table of Contents
Preface 5
A Determined Singleton 7
Interview location: a cafe in Haldian District, Beijing
Interviewee: Liu Yue
Age: 28
Profile: head of the administrative office of a real estate company. From
Sichuan, bachelor's degree, previously a personnel secretary and office
Love with a Shelf Life 18
Interview location: a restaurant in Chaoyang District, Beijing
Interviewee: Wang Mengmeng
Age: 28
Profile: boss of a culture company, bachelor's degree
Is It Wrong to Be Prudent? 28
Interview location: a pub and a restaurant in Sanlitun, Beijing
Interviewee: Cao Xiaoqi
Age: 33
Profile: a high school teacher, MA degree, from Northeast China,
columnist for some Beijing newspapers
Proof-Reading Error Leads to a Love Affair 36
Interview location: a teahouse in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and QQ
Interviewee: Liu Qingqing
Age: 29
Profile: from Hubei, junior college graduate, worked for a Beijing
newspaper, now a freelancer.
All Men Are Promiscuous 44
Interview localion: McDonald's in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing
Interviewee: Deng Na
Age: 29
Profile: from Chongqing, teacher at a Beijing beauty school.
An Unwilling Dependant 50
Interview localion: a care in Pudong District, Shanghai, and MSN messaging
Interviewee: Pan Yanmei
Age: 30
Profile: from Zhejiang, formerly a postage stamp dealer in Suzhou, now a
company employee in Shanghai
Mystery and Innocence 60
Interview localion: a restaurant and cafe in Jingtian in Futian District, Shenzhen
Interviewee: Yang Xiaohui
Age: 27
Profile: from Hubei, associate degree, formerly an administrative clerk and
secretary to a company general manage, currently a freelancer
Beautiful Marriage Obsession 69
Interview localion: a Hakka hotel in Luohu District, Shenzhen
Interviewee: Xu Zijuan
Age: 29
Profile: bachelor's degree, from Guangdong, formerly a computer trainer,
now staff member of a public institution
A Single Mother 75
Interview localion: MSN messaging
Interviewee: Chen Qing
Age: 25
Profile: bachelor's degree, administrative clerk of a company
From Fairy Tale to Myth 92
Interview localion: a meeting room in Shenzhen Times
Interviewee: Zhong Haiyan
Age: 26
Profile: owner of a garment shop
Woman of Fierce Desires 97
Interview location: the offices of Shenzhen Evening News
Interviewee: Jiu-mei
Age: 28
Profile: from Hubei, formerly owner of a garment store in Shenzhen.
Living with Two Men 107
Interview location: the offices of Shenzhen Evening News
Interviewee: Qin Xiangyu
Age: 28
Profile: enterprise employee; currently living in Shenzhen.
Loves that Led Nowhere 116
Interview location: the meeting room of Shenzhen Times
Interviewee: Ma Xiaofei
Age: 36
Profile: from Heilongjiang Province; BA degree; living in Shenzhen as a
company clerk for over 10 years; cosmetics saleswoman; now running her
own company.
The Dazzling City 123
Interview location: meeting room at the Shenzhen Times
Interviewee: Xu Jiaming
Age: 30
Profile: from Shandong Province; BA degree, living in Shenzhen for almost
four years; a website editor in Shenzhen until late 2004; now an enterprise
employee in Shanghai.
Looking for a Holiday Lover 128
Interview location: the offices of Shenzhen Evening News
Interviewee: Cao Zimei
Age: 29
Profile: from Hunan Province; formerly a website chief information officer;
now a company branch manager
United Hearts but Separate Lives 134
Interview location: UBC Coffee House, Futian, Shenzhen
Interviewee: Xu Xiaoting
Age: 27
Profile: from Zhejiang Province; once lived in Xiamen, Dongguan, Shenzhen
and Beijing; now a care manager.
Lovers in Heaven 151
Interview location: The meeting room of Shenzhen Times
Interviewee: Liang Cuiye
Age: 36
Profile: director of teaching and guidance office in a Shenzhen school
Fruitless Loves 160
Interview location: the offices of Shenzhen Evening News
Interviewee: Zeng Miao
Age: 26
Profile: university graduate; living in Shenzhen; enterprise employee
My Life is Like a Screenplay 168
Interview location: numerous e-mail messages
Interviewee: Marry
Age: 21
Profile: from Wuhan; a company employee.
In Flight from the Wealthy 176
Interview location: a Western-style diner in Guangzhou
Interviewee: May
Age: 27
Profile: graduate of a prestigious university; on the staff of a public
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