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Established in 1951, with the early purpose of providing foreign readers with books on Chinese history & culture. It's trying to develop a wide scope of titles while laying emphasis on social science, education, finance & investment, language learning & reference books.
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Comparative Studies on Chinese and Western Civilization: The Qin and Han Dynasties and Ancient Rome
ISBN: 9787510473401 | Published on 06/2022

Keywords to Understand China: National Defense and Military Development
ISBN: 9787510472343 | Published on 01/2021

Comparative Studies on Chinese and Western Civilizations: The Warring States and Ancient Greece
ISBN: 9787510473425 | Published on 02/2022 | Reviews:

Library of Chinese Classics: Treatise on Febrile Caused by Cold (Shang Han Lun)
ISBN: 9787801878496 | Published on 09/2007 | Series: Library of Chinese Classics

Women Entrepreneurs in China: Legendary Tales of Chinese Women
ISBN: 9787510470776 | Published on 05/2020

Everlasting Classics - Bilingual Edition of Ancient Chinese Poems for Children
ISBN: 9787510471292 | Published on 01/2021

Dao De Jing - Laozi: A New Translation by Yang Peng
ISBN: 9787510468162 | Published on 10/2019
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ANTICANCER THE CHINESE WAY Successful Cases of Nontoxic Treatment
ISBN: 9787510445958 | Published on 11/2014
This book was written by Dr. Xie Wenwei, a Chinese physician with 30 years of clinical experience. Dr. Xie was motivated to seek new ways to cure...

Governing China: How The CPC Works
ISBN: 9787510437939 | Published on 02/2013 | Series: How the CPC Works | Reviews:
A look at what's behind the achievements of the Communist Party of China.This is a book interpreting the reasons for the successes the CPC has won at...

Treatise on Febrile Disease Caused by Cold
ISBN: 9787510456534 | Published on 05/2016
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