China Real Estate Statistics Yearbook 2009

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"China's Real Estate Statistical Yearbook 2009" contains 2005-2008 all regions and 35 cities in real estate economic statistics. The contents of the book is divided into four parts: the first part of the national and the regional chapter, contains 2007,2008 National real estate industry in various regions of the indicators of comprehensive statistical information for the reader to understand the classification by region provinces in China and around the Real Estate development of the industry and the state. The second part of the large and medium cities articles, 2007,2008 included 35 large and medium cities real estate annual comprehensive statistical information on the past two years, the city's real estate development of in-depth order to facilitate the access to and the city of contrast. The third part of the provincial and sub-urban articles, covering the 2005-2007 provinces and 35 cities in real estate information on the data to achieve the annual year are conducive to observation of the provinces and urban real estate development and changes. In order to make the reader a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry in 2008 the latest business research situation, we have included in the fourth part of the Appendix: "2008 China Real Estate hundred corporate research report", "2008 China Real Estate TOP10 report of listed companies", "2008 China Real Estate Brand Value Study "and so on, at the same time in order to facilitate readers to understand the latest situation of the project also included the" 2008 China's major city of some typical samples of real estate property index of the system, "and so on.
"Yearbook of China Real Estate Brand" Chinese real estate companies around the key areas of brand building, detailed analysis hundred Chinese real estate enterprises in brand strategy, brand positioning, brand concepts, VI design, brand communication and other aspects of successful experience.
In order to help Chinese real estate enterprises to further improve the standard of brand management in 2004, China's real estate research group TOP10 reference to foreign well-known brands in the full value assessment agency research experience and operational practices based on the combination of China's macroeconomic environment and the China Real Estate development of the industry characteristics, the establishment of a set of practical operation of China's strong brand value of real estate research system. China's Real Estate 2008 is the fifth year of study of brand value, brand value in order to study the real estate the fifth anniversary gift, China Real Estate TOP10 research group took a year's time, the Chinese real estate development companies and planning agency business excellence Brand conducted in-depth tracking, surveys and interviews, focusing on summary summarizes the recent successful experience in corporate brand development and eventually compiled to complete the "China Real Estate Brand Yearbook 2008."
This book contains a large number of excellent real estate development enterprise brand, brand and project planning agency brand, and in accordance with outstanding real estate company brand-building in the features and highlights, refining the enterprise's brand identity, drawing the enterprise "brand pyramid", recording the growth of enterprise's brand history and brand success, demonstrated the company's brand characters and brands, classic ideas.
China Real Estate Statistics Yearbook 2009