Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology: Medicinal Herbs (English)

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This book is the third volume in the "Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology" series.
With a view to practicability and convenience for clinical application, this book provides detailed and essential information as required for the construction of herbal prescriptions on the respective properties, tastes, therapeutic functions and the directions of action on specific channels and collaterals of more than three hundred most commonly used medicinal herbs.
For students and new practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, the "Indication & Combinations" and "Cautions & Contraindications" sections are particularly valuable. They provide useful empirical tips on how to combine two or more hers to promote therapeutic effectiveness and minimize toxicity and how to avoid the neutralization of the curative effects or serious side effects of incompatible herbs.
The author, Dr. Geng Junying brings over twenty-five years of experience to this, his recent work on traditional Chinese medicine.  His publications in Chinese include Studies of the Five Tastes of Herbs, Contraindications and Interdependence in Herbal Formulas, and Chinese Moxibustion Therapy.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: General Introduction
1. The Properties and Functions of Chinese Herbs
2. The Application of Herbs
Chapter 2: Herbs
3. Herbs That Release Exterior Syndrome
4. Herbs That Clear Heat
5. Purgative Herbs
6. Herbs That Expel Wind and Dampness
7. Aromatic Herbs That Transform Dampness
8. Herbs That Benefit Urination and Drain Dampness
9. Herbs That Warm the Interior
10. Herbs That Regulate Qi
11. Herbs That Relieve Food Stagnation
12. Herbs That Expel Parasites
13. Herbs That Stop Bleeding
14. Herbs That Invigorate Blood and Resolve Blood Stagnation
15. Herbs That Resolve Phlegm and Stop Cough and Asthma
16. Herbs That Tranquilize the Mind
17. Herbs That Pacify the Liver and Subdue Endogenous Wind
18. Herbs That Open the Orifices
19. Herbs That Tonify Deficiencies
20. Astringent Herbs
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Practical Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology: Medicinal Herbs (English)