Traditional Chinese Medicine - Culture China Series

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The book offers a comprehensive overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), covering all aspects of TCM including the classics of TCM, basic theory, internal and external therapies, material medica, stories about famous doctors in history, and TCM and life cultivation. Many color pictures included in the book.

Table of Contents
 Recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine
 The Thinking Style of TCM
 The Formation and Variation of Tradition
 Understanding TCM
The Classics of TCM
 Huang Di Nei Jing
 Huang Di Ba Shi Yi Nan Jing
 Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing
 Shang Han Za Bing Lun
 Compilation of Book and Development into Canon
Basic Theory of TCM
 The Theories of Yin-Yang and Wu Xing
 Viscera and Their Manifestations
 Channels and Collaterals
Internal and External Therapies of TCM
 Acupuncture and Moxibustion
 Treatment of Both the Internal and the External
Knowledge of Materia Medica
 Establishment of the Theory of Materia Medica
 Important Books on Materia Medica
 Pharmacological Studies
 Drug Administration and Market
 Processing of Herbs
 Story about Ginseng
Stories about Famous Doctors in History
 Bian Oue and Oin Yueren
 Zhang Zhongjing and Hua Tuo
 Wang Shuhe and Huangfu Mi
 Sun Simiao
 The Four Great Schools in the Jin and Yuan  Dynasties
 Zhang Jingyue
 Ye Tianshi
 Wang Qingren
TCM and Life Cultivation
 Life Cultivation in the Four Seasons
 Integration of Food and Medicines
 Sports and Health
 Emotions and Diseases
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Traditional Chinese Medicine - Culture China Series