Chinese Tea - Culture China Series

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Tea is a friend of meditation, keeping the heart immerged in profound tranquility. Tea is wings of imagination, lifting people above the mundane world while remaining clear minded, getting people nearer wisdom rather than losing sanity. Therefore in nearly every Eastern country people have the same habit of drinking tea, because people in the east need this simple but not insipid drink. This is a tradition of life as well as of culture, just like the Eastern wisdom that they admire, which is featured in the spirit of self-reflection.

This book is part of the "Cultural China Series" which is a fascinating series on various facets of Chinese culture. It is written & published in PR China on high quality glossy paper with many colored photographs. China and tea are inseparable. This book not only looks at the history of tea in China, but also gives a detailed description of the tree to cup process. Recommendations are made for excellent teas as well as the tools for making tea. Ceremonies and customs are also elaborated. This is must read for tea lovers. 


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Eternal Tea Fragrance
Chapter 2 Good Tea from Remote Mountains
Chapter 3 The Art of Tea-making
Chapter 4 Well-known People and Books about Tea
Chapter 5 The Spread of Tea from China
Chapter 6 Lingering Taste of Famous Teas
Chapter 7 Nice Utensils for Tea
Chapter 8 Tea-Zen Affinity
Chapter 9 Tea Ceremony in China
Chapter 10 Tea-drinking Customs
Chapter 11 Enjoy Tea-time
Chapter 12 The Philosophy of Tea
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Chinese Tea - Culture China Series