China's Cultural Relics: Unearthed History of 10,000 Years

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China is the birthplace of one the four greatest civilizations in the world, hence those cultural relics which, in huge quantities and immensely rich varieties, have always been fascinating. These cultural relics were produced during different periods of the Chinese history, over well over 7,000 years. They were gems of the Chinese civilization. This book gives a brief account of 12 types of cultural relics unearthed in China so far, including pottery, porcelain, statues and bronze, jade and gold and silver artifacts. These are seen as the most representative of the Chinese culture, each in its own way providing a glimpse into ancient China.

Table of Contents
Painted Pottery
Origin of Pottery Art
Development of Painted Pottery
Painted Pottery of the Yangshao Culture
Prehistory Pottery Later than Those of the Yangshao Culture

Jade Artifacts
“Beautiful Stones” and Jade
Jade Artifacts of the Xinglongwa Culture and Hongshan Culture
Jade Artifacts of the Liangzhu Culture
Jade Carvings of the Shang-Zhou PeriodFunerary Objects of Jade
The Bloom of Jade ArtifactsBronze WareBronze Technology

Sacrificial Utensils
Decorative Designs and Inscriptions on Bronze Ware
Animal-shaped Bronze Vessels and Bronze Human Figures
Bronze Weapons, Helmets and Shields

Porcelain of the Six Dynasties
Porcelain of the Sui-Tang Period
Porcelain Kilns of the Song Dynasty
Blue and White Porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty
Painted Porcelain of the Ming-Qing Period

Tomb Figurines
Mausoleum Sculptures of Stone
Grotto Temples and Formative Art of Buddhism

The Origin of the Art of Painting
Paintings of the Han and Jin Dynasties
Painting Style of the Sui-Tang Period
Painting Academy of the Song Dynasty
The Literati Paintings in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

Furniture before the Han Dynasty
Development of “Furniture with High Legs”
Ming-style Furniture
Indoor Furnishing
Arts and Crafts
Gold and Silver Artifacts
Lacquer Works
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China's Cultural Relics: Unearthed History of 10,000 Years