Cultural China Series: Chinese Myths & Legends - legends of the university, deities and heroes

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The author believes that ancient Chinese myths and legends were gradually formed on the basis of those of the Huaxia (Han) and by absorbing from the Dongyi (ancient eastern tribes) and the Miaoman (ancient Southern tribes). The author sorted materials from various ancient Chinese books and records and arranged the myths in order to aid readers' appreciation of the materials. In some chapters, he compares Chinese myths with western ones (especially the Greek).
Full of fascinating material sand lucidly written, this book enables readers to enjoy the charm of Chinese myths and legends as well understand the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. In addition to the main Chinese traditions, the author includes reference to less well-known but equally fascinating stories.

About Author

Chert Lianshan grew up in Luoyang, Henan. His ancestral home is in Ruyang, Henan. He obtained a doctoral degree in literature from Peking University and is now an associate professor of Peking University's Department of Chinese Language and Literature, director of the Teaching and Research Section in Folk Literature and a board member of the China Folklore Society. Engaged in research on and the teaching of Chinese folk literature and folkloristics for many years, he focuses on ancient Chinese mythology. His dissertation is On the Shan Hai Jing. His publications include: Structural Mythology--Claude Levi-Strauss and Mythological Issues (1999), Games (2000) and About the Dragon Boat Festival (2008).

Table of Contents
The Origin of the Universe
Ⅱ.The Beginning of the World
The Origin of Mankind
Ⅰ.Thelmage of Ntiwa
Ⅱ.The Creator of Human Beings IO
Ⅲ.Nuwa Mending the Heaven
Ⅳ.Nuwa and Marriage
Ⅴ.The End of Ntiwa
Universe in Myth
Ⅰ.The Heaven and Earth
Ⅱ.Ten Suns and Twelve Moons
Ⅲ.Mount Kunlun,City of Deities on Earth
Ⅳ.Deities' World in the Sea
Ⅴ.Capital of Ghost and Taodu Mountain
Fuxi,the God of East Heaven
Ⅰ.The Birth of Fuxi
Ⅱ.Fuxi and Nuwa: Human Creator and Goddess of Marriage
Ⅲ.Cultural Civilization of Fuxi
Ⅳ.Fuxi,the God of East Heaven
Yandi,the God of South Heaven
Ⅰ.The Contribution of Emperor Yandi
Ⅱ.Later Generations of Emperor Yandi
Ⅲ.Chaos in the Emperor Yandi's Era
Emperor Huangdi,the God of Central Heaven
Ⅰ.The Birth of Emperor Huangdi
Ⅱ.The War Between Emperor Huangdi and Emperor Yandi
Ⅲ.War Between Emperor Huangdi and Chiyou
Ⅳ.Xingtian Scrambles for the Throne
Ⅴ.Daily Life of the Central God Huangdi
Ⅵ.Contributions of Emperor Huangdi and His Subordinates
Shaohao,the God of West Heaven And Zhuanxu,the God of North Heaven
Ⅰ.Shaohao in Chinese Myth
Ⅱ.Birth of Zhuanxu
Ⅲ.Cutting off the Link Between Heaven and Earth
Ⅳ.War Between Zhuanxu and Gonggong
Ⅴ.The Origin of the Mengshuangshi Tribe
Ⅵ.The End of Zhuanxu
Ⅶ.The Offspring of Zhuanxu
Myths in the Era of Emperor Diku
Ⅰ.Diku and His Five Wives
Ⅱ.The Conflict Between Ebo and Shichen
Ⅲ.Ebo Steals Fire
Ⅳ.Diku's Daughters
Myths & Legends in the Era of Yao
Ⅰ.The Birth of Yao
Ⅱ.Miracles in Yao's Rule
Ⅲ.Miracle Judge Gaoyao
Ⅳ.Ten Suns in the Sky and the Severe Drought
Ⅴ.YiShot Suns IO
Ⅵ.Yi and Luoshen's Love Affairs
Ⅶ.The Legend of Hebo's Wedding
Ⅷ.Chang'e Flying to the Moon
Ⅸ.Gun Tamed the Raging Waters
Ⅹ.Emperor Yao's Demise
Myths & Legends in the Era of Shun
Ⅰ.Birth of Shun and His Youth
Ⅱ.Shun Ascends to the Throne
Ⅲ.Buried at the Jiuyi Mountain
Myths & Legends in the Era of Dayu
Ⅰ.The Birth of Dayu
Ⅱ.Orders to Control the Floodwater
Ⅲ.Dayu's Tragedy of Marriage
Ⅳ.Having All the Rivers Under Control
Other Myths & Legends
Ⅰ.Kuafu Chasingthe Sun
Ⅱ.Yugong Moving Mountains
Ⅲ.Cowboy and Vega
Appendix : Major Characters in Chinese
Myths & Legends
Appendix : Chronological Table of the Chinese
Sample Pages Preview
But,the frequent traveling of gods and wizards between heaven and Earth led to many disasters,as detailed in mythological tales.To safeguard the order of heaven and Earth,the God of Heaven destroyed the ladders and thus ended the exchanges between deities and human beings.
Mythological tales of sky ladder are popular worldwide.They express the hope of human beings to overcome limitations,to live forever and savor eternal happiness.The most famous sky ladder in Western mythology is the Tower of Babel described in the Bible.It says,later generations of Noah planned to build a high tower,through which they could reach heaven.God was afraid that if the tower was built he would lose control over humans.So he tried to confuse them with many languages.This destroyed the communication and coordination between people and the building of the Tower of Babel failed.
Ⅱ.Ten Suns and Twelve Moons
Ancient people paid special attention to celestial bodies.They looked it as the origin of light and the origin of life.There are plenty of mythological tales on the sun,the moon and the stars.
A legend from the Yin and Shang nationalities about 3,000—4,000 years ago goes like this: Jundiis a God who has three wives—Xihe,Changxi and Ehuang.Xihe is the mother of the suns,and Changxiis the mother of the moons.
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Cultural China Series: Chinese Myths & Legends - legends of the university, deities and heroes