Go2China Hanzi Poker (With 1Book+1CD +1MP3+4Packs of Cards)

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The concept of the Go2China Hanzi Poker: Learning and practicing Chinese while playing card games.
The Go2China Hanzi Poker includes 4 suits of cards and every suit includes 54 cards. Every card represents a Chinese character and other extra information on the character.
The goal of the game is to form Chinese words with the cards. Two cards are needed to form a word. More than 1200 words are represented in this product. The game can be very flexible because the game rules can be defined by the players.
[For the game rules please read ‘How to play’]
In the Go2China Hanzi Poker CD-ROM the following contents are included:
Animation of the evolution of all the 216 Chinese characters
Stroke order demonstrated with Flash movie
Pronunciation of all the characters and words synchronized with real human voice
A writing-board on which learners can practice writing Chinese characters using mouse

Go2China Hanzi Poker offers one of the best ways of practicing Chinese. Get it and you’ll have a wonderful partner that helps you improve Chinese!
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Go2China Hanzi Poker (With 1Book+1CD +1MP3+4Packs of Cards)