Read This Way vol.1 (with 1MP3)

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This book is Volume One of Read This Way series. The 4 units provide topics such as "Chinese Character, Growing Up, Family Relationships, Names", etc.

Read This Way is series of Chinese reading materials prepared for intermediate Chinese learners. It is suitable for those who have learned the basic grammar of modern Chinese, and have mastered about 2,000 common words. Altogether there are 28 units in 6 books. With four hours a week, 20 hours each semester, the whole series can be used for two semesters. This series has once been published with the title of Guide to Chinese Reading which has received warm welcome from the students. The revision maintains the formats of students' interest, while updates 80% of the contents to make them closely related with the contemporary situation in China. Due to years' use in teaching practice, the author is able to set detailed and scientific standards for reading speed, quality, etc. It is highly operational and effective for learners to improve their reading skills. In each unit, there are sections like intensive reading, extensive reading, skim/scan, look up in the dictionary, practice of characters, words and sentences, sentence comprehension, etc. Some of the units also provide culture notes explaining the culture phenomenon mentioned in the articles. The well designed combination of reading and exercises help to train the students' reading ability comprehensively, and to enlarge their vocabulary effectively. The accompanied free MP3 CD contains the recording of articles in Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading; and the Teacher's Manual provides answer keys to the exercises.

Table of Contents
第1单元 汉字的故事
一 细读
二 通读
三 略读
四 查阅
五 字词句练习
六 难句理解
第2单元 成长的故事
第3单元 亲情的故事
第4单元 姓名的故事
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Read This Way vol.1 (with 1MP3) (ISBN:9787561917527)
Sample pages of Read This Way vol.1 (with 1MP3) (ISBN:9787561917527)
Sample pages of Read This Way vol.1 (with 1MP3) (ISBN:9787561917527)
Sample pages of Read This Way vol.1 (with 1MP3) (ISBN:9787561917527)
Sample pages of Read This Way vol.1 (with 1MP3) (ISBN:9787561917527)
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Read This Way vol.1 (with 1MP3)