Chinese for English-Speakers: Intermediate Workbook

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This book is part of the series of Chinese for English-Speakers, which include three textbooks (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced), companioned by three workbooks (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced) and a primary character book.

Intermediate Textbook consists of two parts: Lessons 1 to 8 are written by the editors in e-mail to introduce the present society in China by a girl named Isabella; Lessons 9 to 22 are revised short passages to introduce the history, geography, culture and economic development in China of different time and places, reflecting Chinese people's opinions about social life and society. In the e-mails from Lessons 1 to 8, we've tried to cover the remained more than 300 A-level words (totally there are 1,033 A-level words, and we have put near 700 A-level words in Primary Textbook). And in lessons 9 to 22, we have mainly covered the B- and C-level words to make sure that all the words in the texts are practical and useful.

The exercises designed in Intermediate Workbook differ a bit from Primary Workbook: the former focuses on word-building while the latter focuses on sentences. "Word-building exercise" is designed to enrich the learner's vocabulary; "Phrase exercise" emphasizes on the collocation of words; "New word exercise" and "Fill in the blanks" check the learner's understanding of the given words. "Grammar exercise" focuses on some important Chinese grammar, and "Dialogue exercise" from Lessons 12 to 22 is to improve the learner's skill in oral communication.

Generally speaking, Intermediate Textbook is designed for about 4 to 6 hours' study per week for about one year's teaching.

--The author

Table of Contents
第一课 环境
第二课 安全
第三课 恋爱
第四课 妇女
第五课 教育
第六课 宠物
第七课 足球
第八课 友谊
第九课 说“鲁迅”
第十课 孔子的故乡
第十一课 父母的爱
第十二课 拐杖
第十三课 上海现代建筑
第十四课 北京的古树
第十五课 介绍信
第十六课 掌声
第十七课 懦夫变英雄
第十八课 振兴东北
第十九课 中国的经济
第二十课 阴差阳错
第二十一课 眼镜的故事
第二十二课 长江和黄河
Lesson 1 Environment
Lesson 2 Safety
Lesson 3 Love
Lesson 4 Woman
Lesson 5 Education
Lesson 6 Pets
Lesson 7 Football
Lesson 8 Friendship
Lesson 9 About "Lu Xun"
Lesson 10 The Hometown of Confucius
Lesson 11 Parental Love
Lesson 12 Crutch
Lesson 13 Mordern Architecture in Shanghai
Lesson 14 Ancient Trees in Beijing
Lesson 15 An Introduction Letter
Lesson 16 Applause
Lesson 17 A Coward Became a Hero
Lesson 18 To Develop Northeast China
Lesson 19 Economy in China
Lesson 20 An Accidental Mistake
Lesson 21 A Story of Glasses
Lesson 22 Changjiang and Huanghe River
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Chinese for English-Speakers: Intermediate Workbook