Chinese for English-Speakers: Primary Character Book

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This book is part of the series of Chinese for English-Speakers, which include three textbooks (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced), companioned by three workbooks (Primary, Intermediate, Advanced) and a primary character book.

The Primary Character Book, designed to provide the teaching of characters' writing to Chinese beginners, is compiled on the basis of the Primary Textbook. The teachers and students are supposed to use it along with the Primary Textbook.

The Character Book is composed of two parts, with the basic knowledge of Chinese characters in the first part and the systematic display of new characters and writing instructions in the second one. In the first part, the general knowledge of pictographic characters and indicative characters is illustrated briefly, as well as the basic rules of stroke-order of characters and the samples of the writing of the characters of different composing structures. The second part, also the main part of the book, is composed of characters' list and characters' writing. The characters displayed in the list are chosen from the vocabulary of each lesson of the Primary Textbook abiding by the principle of proceeding from the easy to the difficult. On average there are about 25 to 35 characters in each lesson and the students can learn to write 5 to 7 characters each day from Monday to Friday. The learner can choose to start from the easiest. The character-writing part displays the phonetic spelling and the meaning of the word, as well as the related word and the detailed stroke-order of the character's writing. When writing the character, the students are supposed to copy the writing of the character stroke by stroke in the blanks on the book, and then trace the character in red five times, then practice writing the whole character independently in the following blanks.

This book is used for one school year (about 22 weeks in European and American countries) and by the end of the semester, the students will master the basic rule of characters' writing and be able to write new characters correctly and independently.

--The author

Table of Contents
第一课 我 你 他
第二课 看书 写字
第三课 我还喜欢吃鱼吃蛋
第四课 我是书迷
第五课 他是谁
第六课 这是我弟弟
第七课 那儿有很多国旗
第八课 我去机场送你
第九课 你头疼 我脚疼
第十课 新房子在城里
第十一课 东西南北中
第十二课 我们在唱量词歌 
第十三课 请你说说量词吧
第十四课 街上停着一辆车
第十五课 我从商店来
第十六课 你去过长城吗
第十七课 我很笨 没听懂
第十八课 回来 回去 出来 出去
第十九课 上海和悉尼
第二十课 把门关上 把窗户打开
第二十一课 刮大风 下大雨
第二十二课 别跟我开玩笑了
Pictographic Characters' Samples
Indicative Characters' Samples
Associative Characters' Samples
Rules of Stroke-order of Chinese Characters Examples
Lesson 1 I You He
Lesson 2 Read and Write
Lesson 3 I Like Fish and Eggs, Too
Lesson 4 I'm a Bookworm
Lesson 5 Who Is He
Lesson 6 This Is My Younger Brother
Lesson 7 There Are Many National Flags Over There
Lesson 8 I'll See You Off at the Airport
Lesson 9 You Have a Headache, I Have a Footache
Lesson 10 The New House Is in the City
Lesson 11 East, West, South, North and the Middle
Lesson 12 We're Singing the Song of Classifiers
Lesson 13 Please Tell Me the Classifiers
Lesson 14 A Car Is Parking in the Street
Lesson 15 I'm Back from the Shopping
Lesson 16 Have You Ever Visited the Great Wall
Lesson 17 I'm Too Slow to Catch You
Lesson 18 Come Back, Go Back, Come Out, Go Out
Lesson 19 Shanghai and Sydney
Lesson 20 Close the Door and Open the Window
Lesson 21 Strong Wind and Heavy Rain
Lesson 22 Do Not Play a Joke on Me
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Chinese for English-Speakers: Primary Character Book