Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition): Threshold (volume 1) (with audio)

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Table of Contents

第1课 你好 Lesson 1 Hello
1. 声母和韵母 Initials and finals
2. 声调 Tones
3. 声调位置 Tone position
4. 轻声 Neutral tone
5. 变调 Tone changes
第2课 你好吗 Lesson 2 How are you
1. 隔音符号 Dividing mark
2. 儿化 Retroflex final
第3课 你吃什么 Lesson 3 What do you want to eat
第4课 多少钱 Lesson 4 How much is it
1. ü的拼写 Spelling rules of ”“ü”“
2. i的拼写 Spelling rules of ”“i”“
3. iou的拼写 Spelling rules of ”“iou”“
4. j、q、x与ü的拼写 Spelling rules of ”“j”“, ”“q”“, ”“x”“ and ”“ü”“
第5课 图书馆在哪儿 Lesson 5 Where is the library
1. u的拼写 Spelling rules of ”“u”“
2. uei、uen的拼写 Spelling rules of ”“uei”“ and ”“uen”“
3. ”“一”“的变调 Changes of tones of ”“一”“
第6课 我来介绍一下 Lesson 6 Let me introduce
1. 汉语的一般语序 The word order in a Chinese sentence
2. ”“是”“字句(1) The ”“是”“ sentence(1)
3. 定语和结构助词”“的”“ The attributive and the structural particle ”“的”“
4. 形容词谓语句 Sentences with an adjectival predicate
第7课 你身体好吗 Lesson 7 How is your health
1. 主谓谓语句 Sentence with a ”“subject-predicate”“ predicate
2. 疑问句(1) Questions (1)
3. 正反疑问句 Affirmative-negative question
4. ”“有”“字句 The ”“有”“ sentences
第8课 你是哪国人 Lesson 8 Which country are you from
1. 疑问句(2) Questions (2)
2. 介词结构 The prepositional construction
3. ”“几”“和”“多少”“ ”“几”“ and ”“多少”“
4. 数量短语作定语 Number-measure phrases as attributive
第9课 你家有几口人 Lesson 9 How many people are there in your family
1. 询问家庭人口 Asking about the number of people in a family
2. 询问职业 Asking about professions
3. 询问年龄 Asking about ages
第10课 现在几点 Lesson 10 What time is it now
1. 名词谓语句 Sentences with a nominal predicate
2. 钟点的读法 Ways of telling the time
3. 年、月、日及星期表示法 Ways of expressing year, month, day and week
第11课 办公楼在教学楼北边 Lesson 11 The teaching building is to the north of the administration building
1. 存在句 Sentences indicating existence
2. 方位词 Nouns of locality
第12课 要红的还是要蓝的 Lesson 12 What do you want, the red one or the blue one
1. ”“的”“字结构 The ”“的”“ construction
2. 选择疑问句 Alternative questions
3. 钱的计算 Counting money
第13课 您给我介绍介绍 Lesson 13 Please give me a brief introduction
1. 能愿动词(1):想、要 Modal verbs (1): ”“想”“ and ”“要”“
2. 动词重叠 Reduplication of verbs
3. 又……又…… ...and...
4. ”“一点儿”“和”“有一点儿”“ ”“一点儿”“ and ”“有一点儿”“
第14课 咱们去尝尝,好吗 Lesson 14 Let's have a taste, shall we
1. 用”“……,好吗”“提问 Tag question ”“…,好吗”“
2. ”“……是……”“ The construction ”“……是……”“
3. 双宾句 Sentences with a predicate verb taking two objects
第15课 去邮局怎么走 Lesson 15 How can I get to the post office
1. 用疑问代词”“多”“提问 Questions with the interrogative pronoun ”“多”“
2. 概数 The approximate number
3. ”“还是……吧”“ The expression ”“还是……吧”“
听力练习录音文本 Listening scripts
词汇表 Vocabulary

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Sample pages of Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition): Threshold (volume 1) (with audio) (ISBN:9787301257357)

Sample pages of Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition): Threshold (volume 1) (with audio) (ISBN:9787301257357)
Short-Term Spoken Chinese (3rd Edition): Threshold (volume 1) (with audio)