Chiniese Course (Software) - English Edition (With 1Book+1MP3)

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EZSINO CSE-2007 is an internet based Chinese learning system that makes the learning of Chinese language convenient and effective. The system features powerful modules and assistant tools specifically developed to train the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese Language and the online resource for Chinese learning materials available at
Modules & Tools
◆ Native pronunciation for all the words and texts
◆ Powerful Sentence Analyzer
◆ Conversion of Simplified and Traditional forms
◆ Interactive Dialogue Training
◆ Comprehensive Chinese Dictionary
◆ Movies of Writing Chinese Characters
Online Contents
In addition to the lessons included in the CD, more learning materials are available at Visit and register at to find and enjoy services we provide on line.
A beginner's level course 'Chinese Course' is included in the product. This is an introductory course for learners of Chinese as a second language. This course is written by Yang Jizhou, Professor at Beijing Language University. Yang is one of the best teachers for Chinese as foreign language.

The learners will learn the fundamentals of Chinese language such as phonetics, basic grammar and characters etc. and improve their abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing, hence their ability to communicate in Chinese language.

Software Functions
➢ Pronunciation - Pinyin and native pronunciation for all the texts and vocabularies;(发音)
➢ Sentence Analyzer - a parser that splits texts into smallest grammatically possible language unit. This will help the learners with text reading and understanding; (分析工具)
➢ Translator - translates every word or sentence you highlight in the text;(翻译工具)
➢ Flash Movie - flash animation for every Chinese character that shows the writing order of each character stroke by stroke. Evolution movies are also available for some characters;(动画演示)
➢ Role-Play: A module that enables users to play a person in the dialogue and perform conversation with the computer; a very helpful way to practice listening and speaking skills. In addition, users can listen to and correct pronunciation and accent by using the record function of the tool.(角色扮演)
Table of Contents
第一课 你好
第二课 汉语不太难
第三课 谢谢
第四课 你去哪儿
第五课 这是什么书
第六课 这是王老师
第七课 我学习汉语
第八课 你吃什么 
第九课 苹果一斤多少钱
第十课 我换人民币
第十一课 他住哪儿
第十二课 您身体好吗
第十三课 我们都是留学生
第十四课 你学习什么 
第十五课 这是不是中药
第十六课 你的车是新的还是旧的
第十七课 你们公司有多少职员
第十八课 我的房间
第十九课 你常去图书馆吗
第二十课 他在做什么呢
第二十一课 我去邮局寄包裹
第二十二课 我看看皮大衣
第二十三课 你的生日是几月几号
第二十四课 我的学习生活
第二十五课 我们七点一刻出发
第二十六课 我打算请老师教京剧
第二十七课 学校里边有邮局
第二十八课 我想学太极拳
第二十九课 她学得很好
第三十课 我的同学
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Chiniese Course (Software) - English Edition (With 1Book+1MP3)